Sunday, 20 January 2013

Two things about this interview are especially notable. The first is that the person being interviewed, George Jacobs, is part of the Establisment: IMF economist, banker, industrialist. The second is that his remarks were completely unprompted. The interview wasn't about this topic. It was generally about economic affairs. Then, suddenly, he wanders off and starts talking about islamisation.

When you look at our society, what prompts the most reflections in you?

In Belgium, it's the change in demographics that worries me. I'm totally in favour of the opening of our borders and see a positive aspect to immigration, but I am struck by the difference in the cultures which currently make up our society. I am afraid that we are not succeeding in with this integration in a world where we have to integrate.

You are thinking mainly of the islamisation of Brussels?

Many Islamists are worried about their extremism. That worries me. We have become a soft civilisation in general, and thus also in the face of islamisation! If we are soft faced with people who arrive with a force of conviction and ready to do anything in the name of irrationality… it's dangerous, because nothing can stop irrationality. A Muslim burgomeister does not bother me as long as the cultures understand one another and we do not withdraw from politics because they are there. Too often, we withdraw when confronted by them...

Specifically, what risk do you see?

I fear for the future of western Europe if it doesn't succeed in integrating the new cultures, as the USA has done. The risk is of an imbalance, as much because of the retreat of the first as the aggressiveness of the second in their will to have the last word.
Source: La Libre


alas said...

This is an article about an anti-Golden Dawn protest in Athens. Every single person in it is Pakistani, and the BBC says it brought together both Greeks and non-Greeks.

Red Rose said...

If the USA was over-run with Moslems to the same degree as all of Europe, the US would be experiencing the same problems as the civilized western countries. If the USA had borders with Islamic nations, it too would be flooded with uneducated uncivilized Moslems.

Passer by said...

"I fear for the future of western Europe if it doesn't succeed in integrating the new cultures, as the USA has done."

If this is the thinking of european elites, then they are quite ignorant. America is not a globalist silver bullet. A major cause for the ongoing economic crisis and decline there is the proccess of ThirdWorldization (cheap loans were given to minorities, so that everybody can own a house. Those loands were never repaid, bankrupting their banking system. The only thing they succeeded was integrating different types of europeans. They never tried doing that with large masses of muslims, for example.
No one knows what will happen to the US if there was 30-40 percent blacks, or 30-40 percent muslims (it will probably disintegrate).
Or if it becomes a bilingual country, divided between anglos and hispanics. Bilingual countries are notoriously unstable, with rampant separatism.

Anonymous said...

The muslims are after your welfare or tax money, your free medical care, free public schools, free housing estates if you cut that or make it private like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait they wouldn't immigrate to Western Europe. This businessman is right, Western Europe became easy target for this kind of immigrants, they know Western Europe is free and civilize and that makes them immigrate and abuse it. But the real problem is the western European people and their governments they seem they can't understand this immigrants and their ideology yet. Weird!

Anonymous said...


Islamic terrorism as usual os getting prime time but has anyone noticed the way MSM journos pronounce "Islamists"? They pronounce is as "Islimists". The subliminal message is that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islaam.

Anonymous said...

Significant distinction, DP111. At least, this is what the jornos may think, themselves. Anyway, important to notice in order to understand what is really going on, and what kind of tools are being used to fudge the picture pretending nothing is wrong.

Anonymous said...


The Jihad targets Christians wherever they may be. Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan etc., its the same story.

I have known for a long while that this will happen here in the UK and the West.

At Banbury Magistrates’ Court last Friday, Intab Hassan, 34, of Evenlode, Banbury, was found guilty of using threatening words or behaviour and racially-aggravated harassment against Paul Buckley.In evidence, Mr Buckley, of Newland Place, Banbury, told the court how in June last year the defendant had parked his car on the pavement, blocking the entrance of his cul-de-sac. Mr Buckley said he had phoned the police to report the obstruction, but noticed Hassan walking back to his car and decided to approach him about the situation.When he did, Mr Buckley said Hassan got aggressive and began making abusive and racist comments including “give it ten years you [expletive] will be gone and we’ll be in control”.

sheik yer'mami said...

"I fear for the future of western Europe if it doesn't succeed in integrating the new cultures, as the USA has done."

Where and how did the U.S. succeed in "integrating" Islam?

Where does this man (child) get his information?

Maria José said...


Maria José said...


Tercer asalto violento en una semana en viviendas del Empordà

Los ladrones han atado a los propietarios de una casa de Pals y les han amenazado con pistolas paralizantes

En los casos anteriores varios hombres con acento árabe encapuchados acceden a las viviendas habitadas y amenazan a los propietarios.

Anonymous said...

Greece is full of pakis illegal immigrants. Maybe 500,000 -1,000,000 and 95% male. The huge influx started in early 00's and is being promoted by the Islamist government of Turkey..There are also many Arab Muslims and Africans. All these "immigrants" have caused huge problems with their criminality and their retarded culture. The Greek coalition government started to check the status of foreigners and only 4% of 70,000 people that have currently been checked are illegals. That means that most illegal immigrants have been legalized by successive Greek governments.

Anonymous said...

There are two scenarios. The first is assimilation of Muslims which will destroy the racial integrity and heritage of native Europeans. The second scenario is increased Muslim immigration, the gradual islamisation of Europe, the erosion of European values, minority status of native Europeans, and more crime. Both scenarios are disaster for white Europeans.

Anonymous said...

so, this individual has 'fears about islamiation'?

Is he concerned about antisemitism in the EU?

If the vile antisemitic Europeans had not slaughtered all those Jews, Europe would not have needed the moslam immigrant workers.


payback is a bitch

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Anonymous said...



A short excerpt from Dr. Bill Warner’s lecture on the history of Islam


Brilliant lecture, encapsulating everything one needs to know about Islam.

Readers, please cross-link this everywhere.

Before we can confront the evil we have to first confront our own fears. In addition to the shame/fear complex in the West that Prof Warner mentioned, we have to confront other fears

1. The fear of being labelled a right wing nut

2. The fear of becoming persona non grata

3. The fear of loosing one’s friends.

4. The fear of loosing one’s job

5. The fear of Islam itself – death threats.

The number of Christians killed/murdered by Muslims is second only to the number of Hindus who perished because of Islam. The other salient feature is that we can defeat Islam only if we have faith in God. Only Christians have turned back the Jihad – no other. Secularism, atheism, agnosticism, or any other belief system, just does not have the steel or fortitude to defeat Islam.

Anonymous said...

The number of Christians killed/murdered by Muslims is second only to the number of Hindus who perished because of Islam.

probably a far third to the number of JEws killed by Christians

but you don;t count those, do you?

Anonymous said...

FRONTLINE found it stored in a vault of London's Imperial War Museum

Timmy said...

Rather like someone facing being eaten by an alligator and calmly noting to someone next to them that this might not go well.

Timmy said...

Anonymous - Jews killed? Muhammad accomplished in Arabia what Hitler failed to accomplish in Germany, no Jews. Muhammad killed entire tribes of Jews, then the religion he made up contains more ant-Semitic Jew hatred than Mein Kampf. Whatever the Christians have done to Jews since the creation of Islam it pales in comparison to Islam, at least the Jews and Christians worship the same God, the God of the Bible, not Allah who is actually known as Satan in the Bible.

Timmy said...

Anonymous, the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is a DIRECT result of the increasing presence of Muslims who are engaging in the anti-Semitic attacks. Some towns are telling Jews they might as well just leave as their safety can no longer be guaranteed. Islam is the problem, Islam just be kept in the decrepit lands it has already subjugated and destroyed. Save the rest of the world from Islam, end ALL Muslim immigration to the West now, and begin to pay those here already to leave and return to the lands already destroyed by Islam.

Timmy said...

Red Rose, fools in America, including conservatives, actually believe (or claim to believe) that their little Constitution and all the quaint laws about freedom and equal rights will be enough to stop Muslims from being Muslims and pushing for exactly what the Koran demands they push for. America is already lost, there is NO effort from ANYONE to stop the spread of Islam. Christianity is shrinking, and the atheists will never know what hit them as the Muslims crush the opposition, blow up courts, get elected, eliminate freedoms, change the Constitution, and ultimately Islamize America.

Anonymous said...

America is not intergrated- within the next decade the minorities will take control of government and it will either become a Venezuela or South Africa. The whites will be finished, industry will be finished, arts and western culture will be finished. In Europe it will be the same but Islam will be suppressors and whitey will be a slave. Just as they have always promised in the Koran. Also no industry, culture, art, or history- all gone. Wiped away by islam as it has done every where it went. I believed there was time for change but whilst the liberals keep supporting the muslims change will only help muslims get what they want. Domination of non muslims, women , children and animals. Then they will fight each other as they have done for centuries. There is no peace in islam just jihad. There is only perpetual war. Welcome to a brave new world.

Anonymous said...



Why is it, that a time of war, when Islam threatens the whole world, you insist on picking a fight with the very ones that can defeat the Islamic threat. If Christianity is defeated by Islam, what chance do you think Israel or Jews have?

As for the claim that if Europe had not killed off Jews there would be no requirement for Muslim immigrants, is laughable. Jews were not, by and large, in the working class, or saw themselves as such, which is where the supposed population replacement is taking place. This is a leftist/marxist policy, and would have occurred regardless.

A large number of prominent Jews, prominent in politics and the MSM, both in Europe and America, have been the most active proponents of Muslim immigration. Why is this? It is also worth noting that many prominent left wing marxist ideologues are Jews.

I hope you will desist in creating a dissension within our camp.Only an enemy will try to do such a thing. I hope you are not.

Red Rose said...

Timmy, the 'fools' in America have just voted in a Moslem for a second term.

Anonymous said...



You are quite right. The constitution, for Muslims or marxists is just a document written by dead white men.It will bent as when the need arises.

I think it was John Adams who stated that the constitution was for a specific group of people.

Lord Crusader said...

Yes I agree completely I think it is a Marxist elite with many Jews in it but these are secular atheist Jew that hate Israel the white race and Christianity.
I believe a great war of religion will sweep across Europe and America maybe we are in the last days I do not know until further developments happen.
I am a right wing conservative catholic and also pro Israel.
God bless, protect and give wisdom to us all

Timmy said...

Rose, the people who voted for Obama are a lost cause, more disturbing is the utter cluelessness of the so-called conservatives, the Republicans, Libertarians, etc. regarding the subject of Islam and the fact that even they are not making the first peep over stopping the spread of Islam in America.

Anonymous said...

There are so many Atheists in Europe and they created this Islamic conquerors. I think this is curse from God, Europeans turn God behind their back and this is what they get.

65% of the population in London are Muslims.

Anonymous said...

DP111, regarding

I hope you will desist in creating a dissension within our camp.Only an enemy will try to do such a thing. I hope you are not.

I wish 'we' were in the same camp...but the Europeans are quite eager to sacrifice the Jews thinking the moslam will spare them...see what happens in the UN.

anyway, DP111, being a good Jew, won't help you

Moriah said...

Let's get one thing straight Timmy, Jews and xtians do not worship the same G-d!

Xtianity is idol worship. Xtians wouldn't be feverishly working overtime to convert us if. we worshiped the same G-d. And if you don't think Xtians killed many Jews then you need to read "Scattered Among the Nations" by Alexis Rubin.

Aarti Aggarwal said...

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