Tuesday, 15 January 2013

When I heard about a Kalashnikov attack on the Greek prime minister's office, I thought this has to be on the front pages worldwide, right? Attacks on heads of government tend to make headlines. At that point, I had no idea who the perpetrators were, but, given the divisions in Greek society, it was reasonable to assume that they from factions of either the extreme left or right. So I was surprised when, scanning the web pages of the major English-language newspapers, I saw no mention of the incident. I immediately began to suspect left-wing perpetrators.

Sure enough, when I visited the web page of independent Greek journalist Katerina Nicolas, I found this:
A bullet from a Kalashnikov smashed a window of the office of Greek Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras, during an armed attack on the headquarters of New Democracy. Anti-terrorism officers are now investigating leftist guerrilla groups.

Left-wing political violence is escalating in Greece, with the armed attack on the offices of Samaras the culmination of a week of violence. Over the weekend Ekathimerini reported there were 17 incendiary attacks, including a spate of arson attacks against cash machines and a bomb attack against the home of government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou’s brother.

Now imagine that Golden Dawn had been responsible. Then it would have made front pages worldwide. Then we would have had dire warnings about a return to the 1930s and the spectre of fascism. But somehow when lefties send bombs to journalists, fire Kalashnikovs and set fires that kill people, that's OK, right?


Maria José said...

‘Girls forced to perform depraved acts for Asian gang’

They are said to have subjected the 11 to 15-year-olds to a “living hell” over eight years of abuse from 2004.

Prosecutor Noel Lucas QC said: “They threatened her, saying, ‘You know what we do with pigs? Slit their throats’.

Anjum Dogar, 30, brother Akhtar, 32, Kamar Jamil, 27, Mohammed Karrar, 38, his brother Bassam, 33, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Bilal Ahmed, 26, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, deny charges including rape, arranging child prostitution and sexual assault.


Gang of men 'who groomed young girls for sex drove terrified victim, 14, to the woods at night and threatened to cut her head off'


Rufus News From Atlantis said...

'Now imagine that Golden Dawn had been responsible. Then it would have made front pages worldwide. Then we would have had dire warnings about a return to the 1930s and the spectre of fascism. But somehow when lefties send bombs to journalists, fire Kalashnikovs and set fires that kill people, that's OK, right? '

Exactly. Sadly we have the useful idiots in the USA using the image of Hitler as a gun grabber alongside Stalin, whilst in fact the only gun grabber was the Talmudically-controlled despot in Soviet-occupied Russia. As always the Communists can do as they please - but then since the tragedy of 1945, all of Europe has become Bolshevised. George Orwell was right.

Maria José said...


Anonymous said...

Attack on oil site in Algeria
Al Qaeda: We're behind it

Two killed. Six wounded.
Oil workers taken hostage.

Anonymous said...



Mali : des soldats français combattent au coprs à corps à DiabaliMali : des soldats français combattent au coprs à corps à Diabali

Pour le reste, les informations sont encore confuses, notamment concernant le pays d'orgine des personnels enlevés.

L'AFP, qui s'appuie sur des sources diplomatiques occidentales, évoque des personnes de nationalité britannique, norvégienne et japonaise. L'agence de presse Reuters évoque cinq Japonais et un Français. Le journal Al Watan parle de deux Français et d'un Japonais. Dublin affirme qu'un Irlandais a été kidnappé.

De son côté, BP confirme un «incident» lié à la sécurité sur le site qu'il exploite avec le groupe norvégien Statoil et l'algérien Sonatrach. "
Le Parisien

Don donwilliams said...

From HEIL GAP (or mind the GAP)

For three days the imagination of columnist revels.
Indeed the previous day there were attacks against some journalists …..who by the way served the troika of our lenders and they play an obvious role our economic decline of the country.

But do not imagine that was attacked with bazookas or anything Kalashnikov ....
Just as t small gas bottles for camping.... 190 gr. Of butane each.
Those as you understand were only for noise and …. nothing else!

Now, regarding the bullet found on the desk of Greek Prime Minister, who a few months ago … by misleading the electorate's vote took the government....
Prime Minister who Other promising .... Prime Minister who the night after the election overturned …. SAME DAY THE B@ST@RD …. All his promises

And now...
Now he sold out our country to foreigners


The area where the headquarters of the party NEW REPUBLIC (the ruling party) established …. become a ghetto….. After the violent creation of multicultural environments in the country.

On one side of the SΥGROU (avenue) to KALLITHEA TZITZIFIES dominated by Muslims mafia the Albanians bum , Albanians criminals ... across the other side of SΥGROU avenue towards my beautiful neighborhood of New Smyrni NOW MORE dominated by Russians mobsters Chechens mouzachentin Ukrainians and other thugs criminals.

Fortunately you do not have 'walk' night in TZITZIFIES .... To hear how.... sing there every night.... the "Kalashnikov"?

The imagination of columnist revels of course my dear friend
A government of traitors who loses anytime polling rates because that betrays the motherland....
With things like that trying to throw the weights of that action in opposition.... party
( not a terrorist action … of course )

And something else ….
Well, this particular Prime Minister Antonis Samaras were those who years ago opened the country's borders and gathered in GREECE two million Albanians islamofasist murderers rappers ....
Just for.... Cheap labor Hands .
But Hands that slaughtered and massacred Greeks ....
Every day …. Any day ….

Sorry ... but this is the truth guys!

Greece, …. the multiculturalism country
Greece, the country that the Prime Minister voted on yesterday, another example of the anti-Greek practice.
According to this new law is clearly on transfer of our national sovereignty to the lenders.
Greece, …. the country that the latter's prime ministers have granted Greek citizenship to millions of Muslims , especially Muslims Albanian and Pakistanis (and even Greek politicians .... so uneducated and so idiots …. that they wrote them as a native Greeks).

What Kalashnikov guys?
What bullets?

To go to find the Kalashnikov and the whole atmosphere... please visit the Albanian mafia mobsters …. If you can

The whole game is to change the climate for tourists ….
They don’t want tourist … nor a tourist .....
Not to work anything....
And thus all Greek hotels will be sold at steal prices …
For cents of the euro to the chemical and medicine cartel of the 4th Reich.

That is their trick …
And is very common now days in Greece …
It is happen every day !

HEIL GAP (or mind the GAP)

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