Thursday, 31 January 2013

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s ascent to power in Germany. As usual we were forced to endure the usual chorus of elite actors telling us that if we didn’t do what they said, a new Hitler would be in power tomorrow.

It has long seemed to me that the madness that has recently seized hold of Europe has all the characteristics of a religious mania. I’ve searched the historical record for anything comparable, for episodes in which people have so gratuitously inflicted such extraordinary harm on themselves, and the only thing I can find remotely similar is outbreaks of religious fanaticism.

If we run with the concept of the ideology of human rights/multiculturalism as a new religion, though, we immediately run into the problem that it doesn’t have a deity. In some ways, our concept of what a religion is may be too narrowly focused on the Judeo-Christian model. Confucianism, for example, is often considered to have the characteristics of a religion, although it incorporates no deity and only touches on the supernatural slightly (spirits of ancestors).

It just occurred to me recently, though, that the new religion invented and practised by our ruling multicultural elite does indeed have a deity: Hitler. Hitler is their god. For them, he is a kind of anti-deity. They see themselves as rebelling against the will of their god, defying his wicked purposes. But are they really? Hitler tried to destroy a people. His devotees have formulated a set of ideas which, if consistently applied, would have the effect of destroying all peoples. Because no people can survive without a home, that is a physical territory of its own predominantly inhabited by other members of the same tribe. And the multicult wishes to deprive the European peoples of their ancestral homelands; and, ultimately all peoples of their homelands, because their ideology refuses to recognise the existence of peoples except as collectivities defined by their joint possession of a government-allocated status called citizenship.

This concept of an anti-deity isn’t really all that new. In fact, in many ways it could be regarded as a reversion to primitivism. Historically, most gods have not been beneficent. Primitive religions often involve sacrifice to appease the anger of a brutal, vengeful god who would otherwise inflict harm. Even the Old Testament has some of this.

Within Europe, it was the advent of Christianity that led to our image of god as a benevolent being. Perhaps it is only natural then that as Christianity has fallen away, we have reverted to the archetype of a bad god who will punish us if we don’t perform the necessary rituals in the correct way.

In defence of this interpretation of the Hitler cult as a religion, I point out that Hitler’s place at the top of our popular iconography of evil is not rational. Stalin and Mao killed more people than Hitler did. In the mass exterminations of the 20th century, more people were killed as a result of class prejudice or political prejudice than racial prejudice. And even if we consider the potential for harm alone, there are far potential victims of class and political prejudice than racial prejudice, because most areas of the world are still relatively homogeneous ethnically.

There’s a tragic example of this unhealthy Hitler devotion in the Daily Mail. It’s notable because it comes from Simon Heffer, regarded as the classic right-wing old buffer of British journalism. I’ve no doubt that Heffer is highly sceptical of the benefits of third world immigration and Islam. He wrote an excellent, and fair, biography of Enoch Powell. Yet even he fully shares this deranged obsession with Hitler. Reaching into his bag of clichés, he draws parallels between our time and the 1930s and sees signs of a return to Hitlerism in Greece with Golden Dawn.

What these Hitler devotees fail to take into account is that it is precisely their unhealthy obsession with Adolf Hitler, and the fact that they structure their policies around this obsession, that leads to an increase in support for groups like Golden Dawn. Their prophecies of a return to Hitlerism become self-fulfilling. If our elites set themselves the goal of eradicating nationalism, they can only do it by eradicating nations, which means eradicating peoples. Because a nation is a people. Its linguistic root is the Latin ‘natus’ [born]. Common ancestry forms the core of any nation. In our day, the word nation has come to refer to a political administrative unit rather than a people, but that is a falsification of its original meaning. Attempting to eradicate peoples, though, even disregarding the fact that this is exactly what Hitler tried to do, can only lead to a resurgence of nationalism, not its diminution. If things continue on their current trends, in the next century Hitler may come to be regarded as a prophet and a hero to such beleaguered remnants of European humanity as still exist.

Moreover, the conventional historical interpretation that the Hitler episode can be attributed to nationalism, and that therefore nationalism should be repressed, is highly debatable. It would make as much, and perhaps more, sense to say that the Hitler came to power because of the repression of nationalism. Nationalism, very simply, is the idea that those who self-identify as a people should live in the same political unit. This principle, which corresponds to a core human instinct, was violated in the post-WWI settlement which handed over large swathes of historically German territory inhabited by German people to the control of other countries. The governments of those countries then persecuted the German minorities who now found themselves within their borders. This was the emotive issue that Hitler used to lever himself into power. So Hitlerism was produced not by the exaltation of nationalism but exaltation of the state – exaltation of the idea that our identity should be defined by a government and its casually-drawn frontiers, rather than the deep ties of shared history, ancestry, language and culture.

Like the Counterjihadists who trumpet their support for human rights, the European elites who obsess about the need to counter any revival of Hitlerism have profoundly misdiagnosed the problem. Because of their intellectual error, their prescribed solution can only aggravate the condition rather than cure it. Human rights are not the solution to the problem of Islam in our midst. They are the cause of it. Repression of nationalism is not the solution to the problem of Hitlerism. It is the cause of it.


Walter Sieruk said...

In the Book WHY I LEFT JIHAD it exposes to the reader on page 42-46. how the Grand Mufti of Jersalem, who was the head of the Islamic Suprime Council worked with Adolph Hiitler against the Jews. He had his Muslim people works in close friendship with the SS. Furthermore, in the publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center also has a short booklet exposing this truth. I t is entitled THE NAZI ROOT OF PALESTINIAN NATIONALISM AND ISLAMIC JIHAD Likewise, the book THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR by Eric Stakebeck also exposes this reality.

Anonymous said...

Walkter Sieruk: I know about the Grand Mufti, and his role in recruiting and setting up Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS units and I've made comments for years about this online; but I've always emphasised at the same time that Jihad, and the Islamic genocidal goal, is found in the Hadiths (which Hamas quotes verbatim as one of the Articles in its Charter) and can be inferred regarding Christians as well as Jews (if they fail to either convert, or pay Jizya). What I've noticed, amongst those who, as this post's author makes clear, use Hitler to silence information and concerns over the Islamic threat, is that they are attempting to con the West into believing that present-day Middle Eastern conflict re Jews and Moslems was somehow something that didn't exist pre-Hitler, and that it was the West which brought "Jew-hatred" into the ME, an absurd concept to anyone who knows Islam. In one sense, this concept all too often seems to suit Jewish interests which also use Hitler, as the author points out, and 'nationalism' as a greater evil than an almost 1,400 year ideology dedicated to their genocide. One can't blame this all on 'dhimmitude' of Jews under Islamic domination for centuries: they also worked with Moslems, sometimes against Christians, and playing both ends against the middle means the common ground of truth and balance are obscured.

alas said...

Great post CZ. One day when you have compiled enough of these posts and ideas you should consider publishing them into some sort of book. It could spread like a virus I'm sure there's a demand for it.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I am writing a book called "Diversity Macht Frei: the Genocide of the European Peoples". It will have a lot of these ideas in it, except in even cooler form.

Anonymous said...

Christianity didnt give Europe a benevolent god. It usurped the benevolent and natural god structure by force and mass conversion. OOnly through the will of the Germanic peoples was this god transformed into a relevant one. The spirut of Europe is that to embrace ideas and take them too far sometimes.

Hermes said...

I often watch NatGeo channel, and I've noticed that there is an overwhelming amount of documentaries dealing with Hitler, Nazism, Himmler, and all the paraphernalia that "historians" and "journalists" associate to them: black masses, secret societies, world conspiracies, ancient treasures... one docu even suggested that the nazis had built a special machine which they had located in a mine in Czechoslovaquia with the purpose to dig a hole right into the very centre of the earth, and once there, make detonate an atomic bomb which would destroy the entire planet in case Germany were to lose the war. All this is reaching a genuinely paranoic and schizophrenic level. And by comparison, there is no talk at all about such mass murderers as Stalin or Kim Ir Sen, which may point to the fact that the real purpose behind all this is not to denounce crimes against humanity, but to create a mythic figure out of this special kind of dictator together with his ideas. Sometimes one gets the feeling that the real purpose behind all this paranoia is to create a kind of mythic saga, or some kind of morbid epic tale. The amount of fantasy elements added to the truth is of such a magnitude, that it is like listening to the recitation of the Ramayana or the Illiad. All this is truly resembling a religion with Hitler as the anti-god.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"... the real purpose behind all this is not to denounce crimes against humanity, but to create a mythic figure out of this special kind of dictator together with his ideas. Sometimes one gets the feeling that the real purpose behind all this paranoia is to create a kind of mythic saga, or some kind of morbid epic tale. The amount of fantasy elements added to the truth is of such a magnitude, that it is like listening to the recitation of the Ramayana or the Illiad. All this is truly resembling a religion with Hitler as the anti-god."

Excellent point.

Anonymous said...

CZ Very good article

Anonymous said...

It would be a good article if all the historical premises on which it is based were true- but they are not therefore the article is a fail. In order to look clearly at the ww11 one first needs to go back to ww1 and the Jewish part in that war and the rise of revolutionary marxism. Historically of all the European countries the Germans have been involved in few wars, and jews were better treated in Germany than elsewhere in Europe. The war mongering Brits weren't doing too well halfway into ww1- it all changed when the jews promised to bring the yanks into the war in return for Palestina. After that neat little deal it was all downhill for the jew/German relationship- but wait there's more! In fact there's a lot more and much of it indicts the jews, one could argue if the jews did not exist there would have been no world wars. There is a wealth of evidence to support that contention. Delos has the ruins of the oldest jew temple outside Palestina. Delos was the centre of the slave trade in Roman times.

Anonymous said...

The Greek and international media and the eurocrats have become obsessed with the rise of Golden dawn. They blame austerity and condemn nationalism. They fail to understand that golden dawn has become very popular because of the huge increase in illegal immigration and the huge influx of Muslims who have transformed an once peaceful country into a crime ridden islamized shithole. Believe me, Greece used to be very peaceful with very low crime rates. Now, forget about it. The politicians seem to not understand it. They live in affluent suburbs with 24 hour security. They don't use public transport. They have no idea of what is going on in society

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