Tuesday, 8 January 2013
Islamic and immigrant associations in Germany support the ban on the far-right NPD that the federal states aim to achieve. Their representatives point out to the "Welt" however, that banning a political party will not cause the far-right ideas it disseminated to disappear.

In parallel with the ban process, therefore, there must be increased social-political efforts against the social causes of extremist tendencies.

"The party ban that is being aimed for is only one aspect of a complex problem. Many aspects of social conditions that give rise to hateful attitudes should not be played down or neglected," says the spokesman for the umbrella association, the Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB), Bekir Alboga. [Note: this association is controlled by the Turkish government]

...On 14 December 2012 the Federal Council decided to petition for the NPD ban in the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

...Exactly ten years ago in March an NPD ban process that the Socialist-Green government intended to achieve collapsed because even the party leadership had been penetrated by infiltrators from the Agency for Protection of the Constitution [MI5 equivalent]. [The court case brought to light the fact that the party was more or less run by the government. Most or all of the main statements and actions the prosecution was citing in pursuit of the ban turned out to have been made by paid government agents.]

...For that reason DITIB also advises tackling the question of far-right extremism across all of society, and not just in a legal way.

..."An analysis and explanation of the tactics of modern far-right extremism should also form a part of this," says Alboga. As at first glance modern right-wing radicalism is no longer clearly recognisable.

..."The tactics are becoming ever more subtle. Anti-constitutional actors disguise themselves; they may appear as critics of Islam or capitalism, for example," says Alboga.
Source: Welt.de Via: EuropeNews


Anonymous said...

I say, "ban Islam,now!" If things aren't done now, things may go past a point of return. Islam is a form pan-Arab cultural facsism.

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