Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'd always thought Blogger was fairly safe from censorship but it looks like that was an unsound assumption. I imagine the Baron will be back in some form, even if not on Blogger. Hopefully he made regular backups of the site content. I will need to start making backups more frequently myself and maybe look for another host.

H/T: Maria José


Lord Crusader said...

There is some evil out there that wants to destroy Christianity and the white race.
Pease visit Ann Barnhards website and I even look at Stormfront but I do not agree with them the whole way as I do not think the Jewish people as a whole are behind this. I think it is a Marxist elite with many of Jewish descent though I support Israel and the elite have made it very obvious that they hate Israel.

God bless and stay strong

alas said...

Yes I agree with you Lord Crusader they are a bit extreme for my liking as well, especially their fixation on Jews.

Anonymous said...

There may be an excessive fixation on jews at Stormfront but you can still discuss Islam freely there. Be aware that most jews in the US, where Stormfront is located, are liberals and push for more immigration and multiculturalism. Not all american liberals are jews, but most american jews are liberals. Many are so leftist that they aren´t even pro Israel.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The fact that they are not pro-Israel tends to suggest that this is not some vast Jewish conspiracy, though, doesn't it? However misguided their beliefs, they are at least sincere in holding them.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying this is all a vast jewish conspiracy. But it is an historical fact that jews, both in the US and in Europe, were (and still are) disproportionately involved in the promotion of third world immigration and multiculturalism. For this reason you can`t discuss this issues without talking about why so many jews have supported the racial and cultural destruction of the west. There is much more to this issues than just jews, but many of them have been, and still are, a problem.

No dhimmi said...

Nope! Blogger did the same thing to my blog, which ONLY had videos of MUSLIMS themselves saying the usual trash. There was ONE sentence: "Resist Arab Imperialism."

A few days before my blog was destroyed by Blogger/Google, I noticed visitor IPs from East Coast law firms.

Next thing I knew, poof! Blog locked and finished.

Wordpress trashed Bare Naked Islam. Typepad still endures Geller, oddly enough.

Don said...

Start looking for a new site... you are no doubt on their hit list.

Lord Crusader said...

I think a white hating, Christain hating, Isreal hating elite run at least Western Europe and the EU many are probably Jews as Jews tend to get to the top but remember these are secular atheist Jews who even hate Isreal and are flooding the West with genocide levels of immigrants. America is quicky withdrawing support for Isreal under Obama whom is a marxist pig see Ann Barnhardts opion on him! Very soon mabey 20, 30 years in Europe there will be a massive war of race and religion. Catholic prophecies are very accurate on this saints have predicted this since the miidle ages. I think Jews contol about 20-25% of the wealth in America but I am not sure where I heard this. Most jews vote for the liberal anti isreal in America exept the orthodox Jews.

Lord Crusader said...

Cheradenine Zakalwe,
They are more than not pro isreal they hate Jews more than non whites I have went on there website. But saying that I agree with them 60% of they way. I want may nation to say white. They also know about the Islamisation of Europe too.

southwood said...

The Vatican will do deals with anyone to get power; Jews; Islam; anyone. I put a comment on G of V on WWII Croatia and the genocide of Serbs by RC monks, friars and Ustase the other day. They did not publish it. Now they're shut down. Some "conservatives" think they can support anyone: homosexuals; crypto fascist groups; the Vatican, etc., as long as they are hammering on about Islam. Instead they need to realize that these groups they support are as dangerous as the Muslims. We must fight on all fronts, not just one.

Lord Crusader said...

I support the Pope
'Some "conservatives" think they can support anyone: homosexuals; crypto fascist groups'

The papacy do not support homosexuals and yes I consider myself quite fascist. In fact I am a right wing consevative catholic I am quite fascist but not nazi there is a massive diffence. I woulld love to talk to you about the Vatican.

Hermes said...

Gates of Vienna online again!!!

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