Thursday, 31 January 2013
The constitutional reform, which the Élysée wants to see adopted before the summer, is envisages deleting the word 'race' that appears in the 1st article of the constitution, which stipulates: "France is a republic, indivisible, secular, democratic and social. It provides equality before the law for all citizens without distinctions based on origin, race or religion. It respects all faiths. Its organisation is decentralised."

The deletion of the term 'race' "appears in the draft text which will be the focus of consultations the prime minister is going to engage in" with the presidents of the parliamentary groups, Figaro learned from an adviser to the president of the Republic.

During his campaign, François Hollande made this commitment. "There is no place in the Republic for race. That's why on the day after the presidential election, I will ask parliament to delete the word 'race' from our constitution", the Socialist candidate declared in March 2012 during a meeting in Paris dedicated to France's overseas territories.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...


What is this category "French"? Isnt "French" itself racist?

Socialists/ communists/ progressivists, or whatever they may call themselves to avoid being blamed for their crimes, are destructive by nature.

Matt in OKC said...

so does that mean "It provides equality before the law for all citizens WITH distinction based race"?

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