Thursday, 3 January 2013

I've made a few posts about the Día de la Toma (Day of the Capture) ceremony which commemorates Granada's recovery from Mohammedan rule. I also mentioned the fact that various leftists and Muslims were demanding the abolition of this ceremony which they decry as "fascist" and "racist". One of the principal organisers of this protest movement is the Fundación Euroárabe, which also played host to an alternative "No to the Toma" ceremony yesterday.

Examining the documentation on the website of this organisation, it becomes clear that is largely (and quite possibly entirely) financed by European taxpayers. There is no clear statement on its website about where its funding comes from, but the various small details leave no room for doubt.

Also to be mentioned is the participation of the EuroArab [Foundation] in the coming years 2012 and 2013 in the Erasmus Mundus program, as an associate entity in three programs funded by the European Commission. The projects are Al Idrisi, led by the University of Granada which encourages cooperation and interchange between Europe, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia; the project led by the University of Wales, which encourages interchange between Europe, Egypt and Lebanon; and the third project, led by the University of Lund (Sweden), based on interchange between Europe, Jordan and Syria.

As well as the EU, the organisation has ties to many Spanish governmental organisations.

This is how it describes itself on its web page.
The Euro-Arab foundation for advanced studies has its origins in the agreement adopted by the European Parliament in 1984 for the creation of the Euro-Arab university. On 10 October 1995, the Euro-Arab Foundation for Advanced Studies came into existence, a institution whose composition and mission made it unique in the international sphere: to create a space for dialogue and cooperation between the countries of the European Union and those of the League of Arab States.

...Through its activities, the Euro-Arab Foundation dedicates all of its efforts to encouraging Euro-Arab cooperation, stimulating academic, social and cultural activities, as well as disseminating new developments and trends in the sciences and humanities. Through collaboration agreements, the Euro-Arab foundation maintains relations with a large number of institutions and organisation in the spheres of education, research, economics, cooperation and culture.

In her book Eurabia, Bat Ye'or describes how the EU and Arab governments worked together to promote the dissemination of Arab culture and language in Europe. The Euro-Arab foundation is clearly one of the bitter fruits of this process.

Its "Activities" page includes an article about the UN granting observer status to "Palestine". What does this have to do with the statutory objectives of this organisation?

An organisation founded nominally for cultural purposes is now overtly engaging in highly controversial political activities, promoting the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of Europe. It is absolutely shameful that European taxpayers are being forced to pay for their own history, culture and traditions to be systematically undermined and disparaged.


Anonymous said...

It's a theme that was recently visited at mindweaponsatragnorak - they use our money to fund their agenda. Stop paying taxes - withdraw your consent and your funding.

Lord Crusader said...

The so called Palestine never bloody existed it is a lie made up by the Arabs and the French. No history, no culture, no nation, no people = no Palestine state. There goal is to first make Israel weaker and then destroy it they will fail miserably. The next 20 years of world politics will be very interesting that is if we survive the coming war. We a need strong anti liberal fascist militant pope and not that Benidect. Ann Barnhardt pays no taxes you should see her videos on Islam and the Marxists her courage is an example to us all.

Anonymous said...


Not bitter fruits but poisonous fruits. The EU, as founded and run at the moment by rabid leftists, is a treasonous organisation that needs to be terminated asap.


Anonymous said...

It is not all about Leftists. In the UK...the Conservatives are against Christian traditions and practise....while upholding Islamic ones. It's about pro-Christianity and anti-Christianity. Islamisation is the great anti-Christ project.

Anonymous said...

in case you haven't noticed, the cameron led conservatives have lurched so far left that there is now no difference between con and lab.
Paris cLAIMS

iqab1212 said...

Probably these leftists in Granada have not learned the history of Spain in the centuries following the Muslim occupation in 711. And probably they use the word "fascism" because "flecha-y-yuga" - the arrows and the yoke - were the sign of Falange Española in the time of Franco (who was not exactly a fascist, but was assisted by fascism when the civil war began). It was copied from the symbol of los Reyes Católicos - Isabel and Fernando, so ignorant persons smear them as fascists, too.
Study the past!

Philo Vaihinger said...

Imagine a German-American organization demanding the US and its Western allies stop commemorating D-Day or VE-Day.

Or an organization of Volga-Deutsch demanding Russia stop celebrating its victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Of course, Reagan mourned the SS dead in a German cemetery, come to that.

Anonymous said...

LOL, what are they going to demand next? That people with the common Spanish surname of "Matamoros" (literally, Muslim killer)be legally forced to change their name?

That the Spaniards should be forced to stop worshipping their beloved patron Saint, San Diego Matamoros. whom they credit with helping them win their country back from the Muslims through divine intervention?

Good luck with that.

These ludicrous Marxists and their imported Muslim pets are beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

In addition, what about the Greeks and also the Slavs? They had their own "Reconquista", aided mightily by the Russian Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many Orthodox churches have murals and carvings inside that commemorate the independence of the Slavic nations from the terrible Turk. Thye probably also have cultural festivals that celebrate their eventual victory over Islam, just like the Spaniards.

What are the Marxist multiculturalists going to do about that? Tell the Slavs they have to destroy part of their churches?

Maybe they'll offer the Slavs, the Greeks and the Spaniards a Marxist-approved alternative, just like they tried to turn the British Christmas into "Winterval." What could that be, possibly?

Oh, I know--a lovely, wonderful, colorful, and vibrant festival honoring the shrine of some Marxist hero--Prophet Karl, Blessed Che Guevara, or (to really rub it into the Europeans' faces), the African Marxist Saint, Nelson of the Mandela.

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

According to Greek legend, Constaintine the 9th, the last emperor of the Byzantines, who was killed defending Constantinople from the Muslim Turks, was turned into marble by an angel instead of killed. The so-called "Marble King" is supposed to "awaken" some day and lead the Christian Reconquest of Constantinople.

This video is of a performance of an elegy written for the Marble King by a Greek composer.

Anonymous said...

The EU and the Obongo Administration are the two greatest threats on earth to Western Civilization.

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