Monday, 7 January 2013

Last Wednesday, I was in Granada, celebrating the city's recapture from the Mohammedan horde. But it seems we weren't the only ones who remembered it. Hundreds of Egyptians marked the occasion with a demonstration in Safenex Square in Cairo.

The demonstration was organised by the Libres [Free Men?] movement (Harakat Ahrar); the demonstrators arranged a human chain around Safenex square and carried placards which said: "We will definitely return". "We haven't forgotten Al Ándalus" and "Of course we will return".

The demonstrators also carried photos of Palestine and flags of the movement and showed documentaries about the history of Al Ándalus.
Source: WebIslam Via: AlertaDigital

Incidentally, in the article I have part-translated above, WebIslam talks about "the lamentable fact of the capture of Granada". WebIslam is a website subsidised by the Spanish government. Spanish taxpayers are now paying for the denigration of their successful recapture of national territory from an invading enemy force. That's what it has come to.


Lord Crusader said...

The Catholic Church in Spain, France, Germany and everywhere else needs to go militant and have smaller loyal hardcore members what do ye think?
Deus lo vult- God wills it

Lord Crusader said...

I am sick of Europe's satan worshipping dhimmi leaders. We need a revival in the Order of Saint John and all the elite catholic HOly Orders need to be armed and trained for the coming war.
Please read this

Lord Crusader said...

Maria José said...


Una cafetería de Logroño eliminará una oración islámica de su decoración tras llegar a un acuerdo con la comunidad musulmana que decía sentirse ofendida

«Un buen día un ciudadano musulmán entró por la puerta entre gritos e insultos diciéndome que si conocía el significado de la leyenda –‘Alá es grande’ o ‘el más grande’, según creyó entender– y recriminándome que estuviese ahí», cuenta Oliver, quien no daba crédito ni quiso darle importancia.

Sin embargo, lejos de quedar en anécdota, visitas en el mismo tono poco amistoso se fueron sucediendo hasta culminar con varios agentes de la Policía poniendo en conocimiento del hostelero un intento de denuncia en Comisaría

asegura que no hay día en el que no entre algún musulmán «echándome en cara las dichosas letritas» incluso, los menos, «lanzando escupitajos a los cristales de la entrada»

Josep Trinxeria said...
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Josep Trinxeria said...

"Roman Empire will come back, of course". You fools.

(Just keep pushing, you idiots).

Anonymous said...

The way Spain's leaders are behaving, Muslims will have an easy job of taking over Spain.


Anonymous said...

Force Muslims who immigrate to Spain to EAT Pork, or refuse then entry.

Maria José said...

Anonymous said...

The south of the Iberian Peninsula was christians before you muslims invaded it.
It is Europe, and Europe it will remain.

Actually I will start an agit-prop campaign:

"Give us CONSTANTINOPLE back! Muslims out"

Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need to demand Constantinople back whenever they start ranting about how they were kicked out of "Al-Andalus." Such hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

There will soon be an implosion of Islam. Many Asians are beginning to see the inherent pan-Arab fascist nature of Islam. As they gain strength to leave Isam in the following years, you will see Islam slowly shrink back to where from which it came.

louma said...

Never ever anonymous kid you are dreaming and Islam will be the only religion on earth whether you like this reality or not.

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