Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Danmark are famous for our export of bacon and cartoons ridiculing Islam and its leaders. Here is one more, this time from the newspaper Jydske Vestkysten, January 21 2013:

"Ayatollah to Ahmadinejad: "Have a nice trip". Below the picture: "Iran wants to send a monkey into space!""


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Nicolai Sennels in this blog

Maria José said...

Two held in 'Islamic patrol' probe

Two men have been arrested by police investigating reports a gang claiming to be Islamic vigilantes have been confronting people in the street demanding they throw away alcohol and cover their bare skin.


Anonymous said...

At least the president of Iran pointed out the great hypocrisy in Europe over freedom of expression by asking why do the countries of Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland etc who all call themselves "democratic" and are always talking about "human rights" send people to jail for asking questions about the holocaust. http://codoh.com

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