Monday, 28 January 2013

This picture was shown in the city museum in Friedberg, Germany, in an exhibition entitled "City. History. Future." It's probably an accurate prediction of the future of many cities in Germany and Europe if current trends continue. Two Turkish associations complained about it and succeeded in getting the inscription on the child's sweatshirt changed from "Osama" to "Obama". The museum curator defended the rest of the image saying it wasn't a criticism of Islam, but an ironic, postmodern critique of those who criticise Islam. Or something.
The intention is not to show the typical western view of Islam in a critical way. Actually it is intended to be a critique of our society and the fear of being swamped by foreigners.
Source: Via: EuropeNews


Anonymous said...

This photo should have another 6 more children, the Somali families score minimum 6 children and you can't even tell who is the oldest or who is the youngest.

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