Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Results of a Toluna poll for Essec carried out in France and French-speaking Belgium: 11.4% of French consumers regularly or occasionally purchase halal products, and 5.3% kosher products. In Belgium, the percentage of purchasers is 10.6% and 3.1% respectively.

Of course, far more buy halal products unwittingly.


Anonymous said...

There are three concerns over the issue of purchasing, knowingly or unwittingly, kosher and halal products, edible or otherwise (cosmetics, for example):-

In the case of food preparation, kosher and halal slaughter is unnecessarily cruel. Secondly, those parts of an animal deemed unfit for either Jewish/Moslem consumption (parts of animal forbidden to be eaten by Jews/Moslems) do come into the food chain for consumption in Western countries. These food parts, and the rest of the food slaughtered by these methods, runs certain risks of contamination and adverse effects on humans. Also, since religion is an issue, Christians are called to eschew foods sacrificed to a pagan deity, so halal food should be off limits to them but many supermarkets deliberately leave halal food unlabelled so Christians' concerns are ignored.

Lastly, and most importantly, re halal, this is a major means of islamicising a Christian society and it is a way of forcing people into sharia-compliance. The worst feature of all is that some of the profits of halal food/non-edible products can be used to fund Jihad since profits (certification for slaughter, sales of products etc) are 'income' to Moslems. Moslems are required, via the Koran (Sura 9 verse 60) to pay a portion of their income towards an annual, obligatory tax ('Zakat'). This tax is used for several purposes (the poor, for the tax collectors, release of prisoners, da'wa --- proselytisation --- and, as well, for "those who fight in the Cause of Allah" (Jihad). The World Halal Congress has stated that halal will help to conquer the Western world and the halal industry (edible and non-edible) is a source of billions in various currencies. Those who buy halal are funding, without realising it, a real threat to Western countries.

uuuuuu said...

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