Saturday, 29 December 2012

This creepy phrase, redolent of the former Communist fiefdoms of the East, was uttered in Munich via a loudspeaker over the weekend. Counterjihadists from the Freiheit (Freedom) party were gathering signatures to protest against the construction of an Islamic centre. Various Socialist activists gathered to try and warn off prospective signatories. Even more creepily, they took lots of photographs, presumably of those who chose to defy the Socialist edict and sign.

Source: PI


Lord Crusader said...

It is the socialist/ leftist/ communist/ secular /liberals and the muslims who are our main enemies and not the Jews. Israel an important front against the enemy and it most not fall. But saying that billionaire influencal Jews are normally socailist they also finace the left and are therefore our enemies.
Golden Dawn will hopefully gain more support in Greece and over throw the left. I am a militant catholic and conservative/ far right.

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