Monday, 3 December 2012

The whole case started when a teacher for the first time said what so many of her collegues all over Europe thinks. Read more about Odense Municipality, where Ejerslykkeskolen school is placed, at JihadWatch here.

"'- I'm so fucking tired of you Muslims who destroys teaching.'
These were the words used by school leader Birgitte Sonsby when she scolded five to six pubils at Ejerslykkeskolen in Odense. This makes Shaib Mansoor, who is the father of one of the most deligent boys, angry.
'- This is far over the line. Of course, my son should be punished when he does something stupid. But this is racist,' he believes, and has therefore reported Sonsby to the police."

Photo from Ejerslykkeskolen

The next thing that happened is that - to everbody's surprise - a group of parents support the school leader by writting this letter in the local newspaper:

"In the middle of the scholding (of the five to six Muslim pubils) the pubils laugh at Birgitte, and then something happens that has since been debated quite heavily in various media (Sonsby's Muslim remark). ... The interesting thing is really more why an experienced and competent manager suddenly loses her grip?
Ejerslykkeskolen there 
is a group of students who are quite challenging in everyday life. They do not have the standards and values ​​needed to succeed in a normal Danish school. They behave in a way that in all contexts is unacceptable - and on a daily basis are an obstacle to making a good school for all. ...
Classmates and teachers are called whores. "Fuck you" is an expression that is part of everyday language. Threats and verbal assaults are not uncommon. Daily, there are teachers who are called racists, for example because they have asked a student to take their feet off a bed or table. Or because students are asked to meet prepared for teaching. And more teachers experiencing outright bullying from a hard core of bilingual students (Danish synonym for Muslims). The examples are unfortunately many and every instance or episode pushes the boundaries of normal behavior."

Source: Teachers are bullyed and threatened on a daily basis

The latest development is that a female teacher wrote a letter to the local newspaper on behalf of her self and her collegues:
"We are told not to use the word 'problem' in Odense Municipality. The strategy is to call the problems 'challenges' to suggest that the difficult task can be solved.
But whatever rhetorical ploy, it is a fact at our now famous school that we at every grade level have students that can not fit in. It is first and foremost about students with aggressive, noisy, vulgar, insulting and / or threatening behavior towards other students and especially to teachers. ...
No school principal, official or Minister of Education has ever set their foot at our school to see for themselves how the misfit students every day try to set a negative agenda. When we as teachers find our selves in conflicts, we feel as society's outer and forgotten outpost in something of a war zone, which is infinitely remote from the polished floors, where people talk neatly about long-term strategies and economics."

Source: Teachers at Ejerslykkeskolen: we feel as society's outer and forgotten outpost in something of a war zone


Anonymous said...

Odense, the town where HC Andersen once grew up...

Anonymous said...

it is complete and utter insanity to import 3rd worlders, particularily muslims, into the civilized world. May those responsible rot in hell for eternity. But not before they have been suitably punished here, on earth, 1st. Nothing is too painful for them.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Its the iq gap, chinese and koreans for example integrate wel. They have similar lvls and sometimes even better.

The people from the middle east and Africa are lagging 15 points behind. So my guess is that they are not capable to have higher forms of civilisations. Whats worrieng is that we are being degraded to their lvl.
Diversity is a undeclared war on the native people in Europe. Most dont even realize it due to propaganda and education perversions.

People might be equal, but are not the same. I wonder if we ever wake up to this as a people.

Anonymous said...

It is wrong to say muslims and africans lag 15 years behind. Try several thousand years!

Anonymous said...

I am from the 3rd world country, I am not 15 years behind. I graduated from good university, hold a good position in our private business office, do not corrupt. Yet I agree that if Europe fails to maintain its western values against islam, non muslims in your countries will live in misery. We already struggle hard to live as non muslims in a country with muslims as the majority. Apply strict laws and discipline, do not give any leak for them to argue. Send them home if they do not behave. Ask parents to sign a Letter of agreement before you accept their children. It is how they play. Do not fall into their trap.

Anonymous said...

Oh thats my school :D Ejerslykkeskolen


Anonymous said...

may be some muslims acts in a non civilian way but remember that other muslims formed the base of your civilian life. Toilets, perfumes, soaps and cat gut which is used in surgeries are all muslims' inventions. furthermore, in todays world, we, muslims, taught non muslims to cover their noses and mouthes while the sneeze, something you never did before, you civil man. adding to this, I am pretty sure you have no idea about washing yourself after using the toilet, guess what, muslims do.

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