Sunday, 23 December 2012

Absolutely shameful. Doubly shameful that they did it last thing on a Friday afternoon on the weekend before Christmas, when they knew almost no one would be paying attention.
The Spanish authorities have revoked the refugee status of a Pakistani citizen who recorded a defamatory video about Mohammed, for "jeopardising the security of the Spanish state, EFE was informed today by sources in the Ministry of Interior.

The decision, adopted at the last minute this Friday, was taken because the Pakistani citizen Imran Firasat, based in Spain, is considered "a threat to national security".

The author of the controversial video, who can present appeals against this decision, will have to abandon Spain, where he has been residing legally since 24 October 2006 - when he was granted the status of political refugee "for humanitarian reasons" - when the decision is final.

The judge who is investigating the making of the controversial video warned the Pakistani citizen Imran Firasat that if he distributed the video by any means he would order his immediate arrest, sources closed to the case informed EFE. The magistrate had accused the Pakistani of the crime of incitement to hatred and religious violence.

He is accused of threatening the security of the Spanish state by recording this tape which asks, among other things, whether Mohammed was a "child abuser".

Firasat now has a period of time in which to present appeals against the decision of the Ministry of Interior to revoke his refugee status and a judge will have the last word. If the judge decides to revoke his asylum status, this citizen of Pakistani origin will have to leave Spain.
Source: El Diario H/T: Maria José

Imran, if you're read this, the smart play here, from the perspective of the anti-jihad cause, is for you to go through the appeals process to the maximum extent, turning it into a theatrical event, trying to get some politicians and media on your side or at least interested enough to cover the cause. You need to dramatise the dhimmitude of the Spanish government to the Spanish people so they can see it and react to it. If it all takes place in obscurity, that reaction cannot take place. Consider carrying out some publicity stunt, like burning a Koran in front of Moncloa Palace. Or maybe burn a Koran and a Bible, just to dramatise the difference in reactions to the two different books. Or run in front of Prime Minister Rajoy holding a sign or wearing a T-shirt that says "Sharia victim" or something like that. That way the media will be forced to cover the case. If you lose the appeal, you can go to some other European country and appeal for asylum there, going through the whole process again. Of course none of this is going to be pleasant. You just need to be strong.

If you need to flee Spain, go to Britain. The human rights infrastructure there is so strong, it will be almost impossible for the government to throw you out.

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Mullah Lodabullah said...

Britain can't boot terrorists out because the EU upholds their "rights" ... your advice to Imran about the appeals process looks sound.

Anonymous said...

He cannot go any where as he is red flagged by interpol, for suspected murder in indonesia

Maria José said...

Anonymous, that accusation is FALSE

De héroe a villano, la lucha de un refugiado político contra la injusticia

Imran Firasat pasó de defensor de la libertad a ‘descuartizador del kebab’ por una acusación falsa. Tras probar su inocencia quiere limpiar su nombre.
Una sola denuncia puede cambiar la vida a cualquiera, no digamos tres. Romper una imagen y estampar un sello de culpabilidad sobre la frente de un inocente es tan sencillo como lograr el más mínimo eco mediático con polémicas acusaciones. Imran Firasat puede asegurarlo. Este ciudadano pakistaní de 33 años renegó de la religión islámica y se instaló en Cantabria en el año 2004, buscando comenzar una nueva vida en occidente. Años más tarde, tendría que enfrentarse a acusaciones de lo más variopintas, desde estafa a robo por intimidación, pasando por la más cruenta de todas ellas: asesinato con posterior descuartizamiento. Todas ellas probadas falsas.

Una vida condenada por criticar el Islam

Imran Firasat, paquistaní de 33 años, ha sido perseguido y agredido por manifestar publicamente su oposición a la religión islámica.

El miedo ha definido sus últimos nueve años. Ha sufrido amenazas, mutilaciones, vejaciones, injurias y su valentía le ha costado hasta la cárcel. A pesar de la condena permanente que sufre, Imran Firasat no se ha amilanado y continúa a día de hoy luchando por su causa, advertir de las atrocidades que, según él, predica el Islam.

Anonymous said...

OT, Cheradenine

Brutal invaders of the continent

"Brutal MC gangs from Australia, Canada and US
invading the continent"
- Invading...?! Who, you said?

Europol fear MC-war in Europe, as several brutal(...) outlaw motorcycle clubs from Australia, Canada and the US are invading the continent, according to journaillie, by Norwegian Dagbladet.

This MSM wouldn't ever dare use words like 'brutal' and 'invading', nor would they mention 'war' regarding the real invaders of the continent.

Anonymous said...

Since Muhammed consumated his marriage with Aisha when she was 9 years old the question "was Muhammed guilty of child abuses" is a valid one: Muslim 8:3339: "Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was only nine." (See also Bukhari 58:234 and many other places). No where in the reliable Hadith or Sira is there any other age given." (

Anonymous said...

come to britian so i can kick his ass

john in cheshire said...

How come we can't get rid of our murder-inciting muslims, here in the UK, but Spain can evict one Christian convert who has done nothing but present facts about islam?

Anonymous said...

If he is sent to Pakistan he will not live long,
so he is a genuine refugee case. On the other hand the EU govet protects terroists from deportation and trial in their conuntry of origin.

Anonymous said...

"come to britian so i can kick his ass"

Would you be talking about the judge here? If you're talking about Firasat, then it's you who need your ass kicking :-D
I'm all for swapping the scum of Islam here in the UK in exchange for people like Imran..
The Spanish authorities should be ashamed of their dhimmi way of thinking...Typical of Liberal ideals, to blame the real victims rather than confront the true cause of all this mayhem....

Anonymous said...

Spanish cowards and traitors. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Im starting to hate spain.

Those ex muslims are the ones that really need the refuge and would be killed in their home nations.

They would also like to integrate into our societies. Still our governments want to take the radical fuckheads instead. Makes me sick.

Shaunantijihad said...

A refugee should by law go to the nearest safe country, in his case that would be India. However, given that the Enemies of Europe want to see the White West destroyed by their preferred means of mass Muslim and Negro immigration, this example of deporting someone who is a friend of the West highlights that our enemies inhabit the highest positions of political power.

So yes, come to Britain, and bring as much publicity as possible. In fact, contact the BNP who might take up your case.

handsomesexy6 said...

EU goes no-where but primitive.Freedom of speech? Arab springs in EU.If you wanna be called mature then learn to US

Anonymous said...

If you go through all the islamic literature it is clear that islam is not a religion of peach but it is cult. It is the religion which creates hate and intollerant to other religion.Only for his prophit muhammed created his fake religion so that he can earn money and can have sex with lot of women who are captured by him. I do not unserstand, instead of initiating hate towards islam why all muslim of the world accept this religion. All muslim should hate themselves as they are born as muslim. Muhammed was a street robber, terrorist and rapist and all this clear if you read the islamic literature. He killed so many poets of his time who opposed his deed at that time. A true prophet should be a preacher and should leave all of his belongings including his familiy.From his charater it is clear that he was not a prophet but a notorious man.Only for the oil, all non muslim countries can not be united to go against islam. It is shame.

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