Friday, 28 December 2012

¿Granada, Granada, Granada? ¿ Qué? Por los ínclitos Reyes Católicos, Don Fernando V el de Aragón y Doña Isabel I de Castilla, ¡Viva España!, ¡Viva el Rey!, ¡Viva Andalucía! y ¡Viva Granada!

Granada, Granada, Granada? What? From the illustrious Catholic Monarchs, Don Fernando V of Aragón and Doña Isabel I of Castile, long live Spain! Long live the King! Long live Andalusia! And long live Granada!

It was the recapture of Granada in 1492 that finally cleansed western Europe of Muslim rule. Now leftists want the festival that traditionally commemorates this event to be suppressed, claiming it is "fascist".
Plataforma Granada Abierta [Open Granada Platform] has demanded that the town council of Granada, together with the municipal groupings of the PSOE and IU [political parties], suppress the festival of the Día de la Toma [Day of the Capture] of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, as they consider that it "encourages the display of symbols that make an apology for fascism" and which are contrary to the Law of Historical Memory.

The coordinator of Granada Abierta, Francisco Vigueras, Declares that the Day of the Capture "has a dogwhistle effect on far-right groups with a high right for democratic convivencia". According to his information, it concerns "fascist and neo-nazi groups of a violent character, who last year committed "their first attack against a journalist who was reporting about the act".

"For this reason we request that the municipal government puts an end to this embarrassing spectacle, before we have cause to regret an irreparable violent action...

...Among the support Granada Abierta has received against the Day of the Capture, Vigueras made reference to the former director general of UNESCO and president of the Fundación Cultura [Cultural Foundation], Federico Mayor Zaragoza, to the defender of the Andalusian People, José Chamizo, and to the president of the Movement against Intolerance, Esteban Ibarra, "who included the Capture in the Raxem report on racism, for being a racist and xenophobic festival that foments crimes of hatred".
Source: Europa Press Via: AlertaDigital

I wasn't aware of this festival before I came across this story. But I might try and get to it next week. Sounds like I should fit right in!


Anonymous said...

The more the left tries to destroy long-established Western cultural traditions, the more they will be despised.

sheik yer'mami said...

Perverse. Its like they can't wait for their enslavement.

Maria José said...

Condenados a 16 años de cárcel dos patrones de una patera en la que viajaban 30 personas

La Audiencia Provincial de Almería ha condenado a penas que suman 16 años de cárcel a dos jóvenes de nacionalidad marroquí que ejercieron como patrones de una patera interceptada en octubre de 2011 frente al litoral de Adra (Almería) con 30 personas a bordo, entre ellas 12 menores de edad.

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