Sunday, 2 December 2012

Recently in the middle of October 20 police vehicles had to be deployed to stop a mass battle between 50 of the inhabitatns. According to the police, it was mainly Serbs and Arabs who were fighting with knives, sticks and tear gas.

Inhabitant Ramona Nomigkeit doesn't dare to leave her child (8) alone in front of the door any more: "The gangs of criminals spit on us, insult us and steal from us." Her neighbour Irene Boschen is afraid too: "They shout "Shit Germans" at us, and also hung up a sign between their apartment blocks that said "No way through for Germans".
Source: Bild

Recently Radio Bremen broadcast a documentary about the city's "problem areas". Some members of a criminal gang called "Los Arabs" were interviewed":
The police have got nothing to say here. They might come past here with one or two crews. If they see one, two people they might stop. But when they see more than that, they don't dare. There's nothing else to do here. Either you build shit and when you work, you get no respect here. People laugh at you. Anyone that works here earns no money. One two, one three - what's he going to do with that. If you do break-ins, you make ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand - that's a lot better.
Source: PI


Maria José said...

Rebelión contra la UE: Eslovaquia se une y mantiene a los santos en sus euros

Tras el veto de la Comisión a los símbolos cristianos en la moneda conmemorativa, el Banco Central de Eslovaquia dice que no lo aceptará.

R M George said...

Islam is like a parasite or cancer and is always fatal to the host! Fools believe it is a religion of peace. It is anything but. Islam is hate. Hate for all that is not islamic. Muslims rape our daughters and sisters and call them whores while Progressive politicians suck up to the Imams and Muftis as they work to destroy a thousand years of European culture. The Dark Ages are returning to Europe and there will be much gnashing of teeth!

Anonymous said...


The "Dark ages" was really a propaganda piece by the followers of Rome. More recent work has shown that the Dark ages were in fact an age of rebuilding, using not only the wisdom from antiquity(Greeks) but inventing new technologies, innovation in art and music.

Muslim claim that it was Muslims who brought the knowledge of Greeks back to Europe. Not so at all, it was Christian monks from the 3rd century onwards, who not only preserved that learning, but carried it forward, giving rise to the High Middle ages.


Anonymous said...

Islam is a satanic political ideology bent on world domination, hiding under the thinly veiled cloak of a religion, via luciferian inspiratian which should have been outlawed 1400 years ago. However, as previously mentioned, due to it's satanic origin most difficult to erease. It has no place in the Christian West, as the Light is stronger then the darkness. Could it be that our Lord and God allows this cancer to come upon us due to our apathy and unbelief in the last days,to allow persecution and thus revival to come before His return.

Anonymous said...

No way through, ey? l think l and a few of my chums could get through there quite easily, bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, either shut your face and swallow your pride, or actually head on over there and defend the innocent people. Or if you dont live close enough, do it wherever you can. Don't hop online and act tough though. That accomplishes nothing.

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