Friday, 14 December 2012

British people will be well aware of the extraordinary propaganda value that multicultists are able to extract from even a single crime when a compliant media focuses on it relentlessly. The Stephen Lawrence killing became the pretext for institutionalising anti-racist hysteria throughout British society. Now the Muslims in Germany are looking to extract similar advantage from the NSU killings, in which 10 people, mostly Turkish kebab sellers, were killed by a terrorist cell calling itself the National Socialist Underground.

The Muslims have already had ceremonial candle-lit commemorations attended by representatives of the Turkish government (!) and lavish "official" apologies to the families of the dead kebab merchants. But that's not enough. Now Muslims are demanding that the murders be included in the German school curriculum.

Muslims in German are demanding far-reaching consequences from the series of neo-nazi murders. In Berlin on Wednesday, the major Muslim associations called for the terror of the "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) to be incorporated into the history curriculum in schools, so that it may not be forgotten. They demanded that anti-Islam crimes must be listed in a category of their own in the criminal statistics in future. An annual racism report was also needed, they said.
Source: dpa Via: PI

It has been estimated that 7500 Germans have been murdered by aliens (mostly Muslim Turks) since the Berlin wall fell. The German media and politicians are silent about this. But the deaths of a few kebab sellers must become part of the German national story, to fashion a pretext for twisting the guilt knife just a little more.

UPDATE: More on this.

An umbrella organisation representing Muslims in Germany has called for a "denazification" of German state authorities, and demanded they refrain from using the terms "Islamism" and "Islamist" to describe radical Muslims.

The German Muslim coordination council (KRM) presented a dossier on Wednesday on the botched investigation into the National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist cell.

German Muslims say the debacle - in which authorities failed to prevent the murders of nine immigrants and one police woman over a decade - was no accident, wrote the Frankfurter Rundschau on Thursday.

The investigation into the murders was prejudiced, said the KRM, a result of a distorted view of Islam in Germany and a widespread stigmatization of Muslims.

The council even went so far as to demand a "denazification" of German state authorities and officials, and that all responsible state authorities and politicians should feel the consequences of their failure to detect the right-wing extremist terrorist cell.

In recognition of the seriousness of the crimes, Germany should hold annual memorials for the victims of the NSU, said the council, and teach children about the murders in school history lessons as "a problem arising out of the Nazi past."

Spokesman Erol Pürlü told the press, "Those who murder Muslims today, will murder those who don't comply with them tomorrow."

Further demands laid out in the dossier included creating a special category for anti-Islamic attacks in crime statistics, and for officials to stop using the words "Islamist" and "Islamism" to refer to radical Islam.

Pürlü emphasised that the council had no doubt that Germany was a functioning democracy and praised the work of the parliamentary NSU investigation committee tasked with looking into the failure of German authorities in the case.

Meanwhile, Aiman Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, said he supported a ban on the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD). The heads of Germany's 16 federal states earlier this month backed outlawing the party, but a previous legal challenge failed in 2003.

Mayzek added that the council was concerned about growing racism in German society, and called for the state to co-operate with Muslim organisations in fighting the trend, wrote the paper.

Mayzek said that while he could not deny the existence of radical Muslims in Germany, he felt the surrounding debate was too heated and that it was wrong to play off right-wing extremists against Muslim extremists.
Source: The Local

These videos give some background on the kebab murders, for those who need it. Bear in mind they are from Deutsche Welle, a sort of German BBC, so expect left-wing spin.


alas said...

I think everyone can tell that this is just a self-serving act of political opportunism no one will take them seriously.

Anonymous said...

Just like the holohoax, so they can tap in the endless white guild....

Anonymous said...

-they want to replace Islamist and Islamism with what?

Anonymous said...

muslims demand:-

Having worked in Copenhagen's youth prison, I know that the only gangs that rule in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, are Muslim -- Blågårdsbanden and Brothas are two of them. JihadWatch has earlier reported on Muslim extortion against non-Muslim businesses on Nørrebro: Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia's jizya demand.

Read more about the Muslim area Nørrebro in Copenhagen on JihadWatch here.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Ekstrabladet December 13, 2012, "Extortion against church on Nørrebro":.....

connect to link at Jihad Watch

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to Jihad Watch, Anonymous. I wasn't aware of this website until now. These digusting Muslim scum make me sick.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome

Maria José said...

Brutal attack by Muslim cab driver in Cologne, Germany on Nalle Björn Adenauer, the great grandson of former Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer, who in 1949, began the immigration policies which opened the floodgates to all the Muslim problems Germany faces today.

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