Thursday, 27 December 2012


Caturo said...

The old leftist dream - to have the «common people» in the streets uniting against the white «racists». The «problem» is that Mrs. Reality says a different thing and so the common people of Europe is fundamentally «racist», or does have a high «racist» potential. Therefore, the more the political «racists» speak DIRECTLY to the common people, the more the common people vote for the «racists». And that's why the ruling elite of the contemporary West does not trust too much in Mrs. Reality and so such elite prefers to create laws to silence the Nationalists, «just in case»...

Caturo said...

A totalitarian style - a thousand eyes «looking at you, sinner!, monster!!, racist!!!». It always reminds the Welsh myth of the Coranieid...

Trollman said...

The way of men is coming back, and it will smash in the face of those who have usurped our societies and brainwashed our women into believing that the interests of the cosmopolitan whore should be the interests of all.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is flooding Black countries with non-blacks to create a 'blended humanity' in only Black

Nobody is flooding Asian countries with non-asians to create a ''blended humanity in only Asian countries.

ONLY in White countries are we expected to 'assimilate' with foreign races.

This anti-White attempt to turn all White countries Brown is GENOCIDE.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
WhiteGenocideProject com

Anonymous said...

Wake up Germany, multiculturalism is killing the German nation.
Wake up Germany, multiculturalism is killing the white race. M
Wake up Germany, multiculturalism only benefits the zionists who wish to enslave working German men and woman so that they can profit from their labour without doing any themselves.
Wake up Germany, beforwe it is too late.

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