Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One night in November, the 13th, Moroccan vandals amputated and stole the arm, the hand and the sword of the statue of Pedro de Estopiñán, the conquistador of Melilla in 1497, in the historic district of the autonomous city.

Twenty six days later a Moroccan senator, Yahya Yahya, 45, walked through Rabat with this piece of the statue. He even had himself photographed the previous Monday in front of the Hassan II mausoleum and the wall of the capital holding the arm with the help of his collaborator, Said Chramti, 36, dubbed El Grandullón [The Big Kid] by the Spanish police.

The act of vandalism caused a commotion in Melilla whose assembly condemned it unanimously. Chramti claimed credit for the theft in the name of the Commitee for the Liberation of Ceuta and Melilla, of which he is the vice-president and of which Yahya himself is the president.

...Yahya, who belongs to the small party Pacto Democrático, is also mayor of Beni Enzar, the town of 25,000 inhabitants adjacent to Melilla. Although it may seem contradictory, he is also co-president of the committee of friendship of the senates of Spain and Morocco.
Source: El País

Yahya is apparently wanted by both the Spanish and Italian police for various incidents in which he attacked women and police officers.


Anonymous said...

Those lands never belonged to Morrocco in the first place. Spain needs to kick out all these infidel muslims while it can.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful friends Spanish people got. The islamic sense of friendship really amazes me.

That miscreant must be hanged, it's his right. And those rebel separatist and invaders must be executed.

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