Wednesday, 19 December 2012

This from sa Pobla in Mallorca, Spain.
The president of the Islamic Association Ibno Mazigh of sa Pobla, Bagdad Haddouti, yesterday morning filed a complaint with the local police related to the appearance of threatening graffiti that appeared on the local mosque.

The Muslim spokesman, in his statement to Ultima Hora [newspaper] demonstrated the concern of his community about the incidents that have occurred. "We are a peaceful people and the convivencia in sa Pobla has been as it should. Yesterday morning graffiti appeared and we are very worried. They drew an image of an explosive device and wrote the word 'bomb'. They also marked the entrance to the mosque with an 'x' on the ground," he concludes.
Source: Ultima Hora H/T: Maria José

The incident is a follow-on to this:
The decision of the presiding judge of Palma's Youth Court No. 1 to release the two minors, of Moroccan nationality, accused of raping an adolescent of the same age has turned Pobla into a powderkeg.

...The investigation was carried out by agents of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil and, according to sources close to the case, the report of the forensic scientist who explored the victim was devastating.

After a hearing lasting a few hours, the judge ordered the absolution of the two accused, despite the public prosecutor maintaining his request for condemnation in his written accusation statement.

There was not long to wait for the news and the reactions. A large group of fathers of the institution where the accused minors study publicly demonstrated its intention of no longer bringing its children to the educational centre if the two Moroccans come to class.

In fact, the local police in sa Pobla and the Guardia Civil have reinforced their presence and vigilance.

The victim, of German nationality, is now in Germany, but a large part of the pupils, parents and neighbours in the local area do not agree with the judicial decision.

Tension in the local area has increased since the news was known. Work on the ground at street level has been key to controlling feelings, which are running very high. In fact, the officers have had to intervene in the matter and protect the physical intergrity of those concerned.
For the moment is it is not known when the accused will return to their classes.

When they do so, they will have to be escorted by officers of the local police and Guardia Civil to avoid a possible lynching.

...The events go back to the night of Halloween, when the two 15-year-old minors took the girl to an area of waste ground, leapt on her, tied her up and raped her. The involvement of a third party and the passive role of a fourth person is also being investigated.
Source: Ultima Hora H/T: Maria José


sheik yer'mami said...

So now the "threatening graffiti" is the bigger crime than the rape?

Anonymous said...


they still hate Jews more

alas said...

My feelings go out to the victim. But this just shows how even relatively frequent occurrences that would normally not be a big deal except for those concerned can turn into massive social friction if there are two distinct communities living in the same area.

Anonymous said...

Rape can be defined as a 'forced landing on Thighland'. The best punishment to fit the crime
would be to hack off the dicks of the rapists.

Maria José said...

Cruz Roja española regala comida a una mezquita para que la mezquita regale la comida SOLO A MUSULMANES

Cruz Roja es la entidad que proporciona estos alimentos a la Comunidad Islámica, que a su vez los hace llegar a cerca de 600 familias inmigrantes musulmana

...hay que tener en cuenta que las familias musulmanas son grandes, por lo menos de 8 o 10 personas

Georgina said...

Since many muslims in islamic countries still consider it ok to own eunich slaves, I would say that they should fully understand the castration of the rapists.

Anonymous said...

Good that the residents are angry. The Eunuchs who call themselves men in the Scandinavian countries simply ignore it.

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