Wednesday, 12 December 2012

France, of course, no longer has a monarch. The revolution that deposed the French royal house is the same one that ushered in the ideal of human rights and the secular religion of Equality, exalting the notion of government-allocated citizenship above deeper notions of ancestral peoplehood. It is these ideas that are destroying our civilisation now. So perhaps it is appropriate that the leader of the deposed French royal house, the Duke of France and Count of Paris, now issues a warning about the islamisation of his country.
While we naively believed we could help moderate Islamism in the wars of the Arab Spring, everywhere they have given birth to Islamist extremists in power, because, in contrast to Islam, Islamism will never be moderate.

Our policy of "dabbling" has awakened the power of sectarian Islamism on our soil; we have opened Pandora's box. This was and is a grave political error. Indeed, not a day passes without the rampant power of the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, making itself felt. In the hospitals, schools, in our food, in the clothes which hid women, possessions of the men; to say nothing of the Christmas cribs whose removal has been demanded from our supermarkets, to think that there exists in a large number of our fellow citizens a hatred of religion, of our religion because we let it happen.

The laws of our country, our homeland, are encroached on bit by bit and then scorned. And we compound this by offering the right to vote to foreigners, to immigrants the majority of whom come from the south, from the Dar al

The West blinded by a democracy in a state of decomposition thinks that Islamisms can still evolve further; so it is getting ready to intervene in Syria, the next trigger that could involve us in an umpteenth global war. Curiously, the same process that triggered the second Iraq war is now occurring again. They tell us, with lots of supporting proof, that Syria has chemical weapons of mass destruction!
détiendrait des armes chimiques de destruction massive!

If there is a war - God forbid - and even if France is not involved in it, it is far from unimaginable that the "fifth column" of Islamists could react on our soil.

France needs a strong and visible power, which has a long-term strategy for putting the house in order; otherwise, we can expect there to be a Caliphate in Poitiers one day. There are many of us in France who detest this idea. Our western society and our civilisation is in danger. There is still time to understand and to act. France truly has need of a strong and visible power. The need is urgent.

I think it's clear that our form of government has failed. Any form of government that leads to people being robbed of their own country has, by definition, failed. I would prefer us to abandon representative democracy and move towards direct democracy. But even a restoration of monarchy would surely be better than what we have now. Monarchs would act uninhibitedly to defend the interests of their people, as Elizabeth I did when she issued a decree calling for "divers blackmoores" to be "sent forth of the lande".


Anonymous said...

I am an African. I used to think Europeans will always protect themselves. But alas, they are to busy living in sin while, Islam, the main too of the devil is gearing up to destroy Europe. It is a pity!

Anonymous said...

Quote: If there is a war - God forbid - and even if France is not involved in it, it is far from unimaginable that the "fifth column" of Islamists could react on our soil.

That is what the whole meddling in the Arab-Muslim world is all about. At last someone else has woken up to it. It should be welcomed.

Separation from Islam and Muslims is the only way out, and war is the only way one can separate hostile people without repatriation or deportation. It happens naturally.


Maria José said...

The Innocent Prophet Muhammad Movie Release

Spain’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has threatened to revoke Imran’s asylum status, stating that his youtube, The Innocent Prophet, is “destabilizing” because of the “extreme indignation and sensitivity” of the world’s Muslims.

Stand Up America Now with Dr Terry Jones takes responsibility for releasing the film, The Innocent Prophet, on Friday, December 14th, 2012.

Hermes said...

How the democratic form of government will end:

“Thanks to your democratic laws, we will overtake you; thanks to your religous laws,
we will rule over you". - Imam from Izmir

Anonymous said...

Phillipe de Villiers, a titled French nobleman turned politician, has also issued similar statements, only to be vilified as a "racist."

Maybe the old aristocracy are the only ones who care about preserving Europe--perhaps because their family names are all over the cities, counties and towns?

Lord Crusader said...

Restore the French monarcy. A good king is many times better than liberal democracy.
Liberal Democracy is the death of what ever nation or race it takes over.

Anonymous said...

Unless your monarch is a criminal bilderberger... like in the netherlands. And sucks up to every dictator in the middle-east.

Anonymous said...

“The greatest challenge that faces Muslims in America and Canada are the Jews, who take advantage of their material ability and their media to distort the image of Islam and Muslims thereby spreading lies in the minds of the people of these countries.” The Jews also “serve Zionist interests in the Arab regions.”

read the whole thing

Anonymous said...

In the hands of the Islamists and their allies, Zionism has become the name of all the opponents of Islamist supremacy and its holy war against infidels, against Jews and Christians, Israel and the United States. Americans and Israelis, Jews and Christians have their backs to the same wall. One cannot be defended without defending the other. Supporters of freedom are all Zionists now. And that includes myself. That is the way this war of the civilizations, or — as I prefer it – this war between Islamist barbarism and civilization, will continue until it is finally concluded, and the next conflict begins.

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