Saturday, 22 December 2012
The two elected politicians from the Islam party received official congratulations from the global Shiite organisation Ahl al-Bayt, based in Teheran, which invited them to a meeting in the Iranian capital, the newspaper Le Soir reported on Friday.

The main leader of the Islam party, Redouane Ahrouch, is Shiite, but he declares that "the Islam list is an Islamic party and nothing else". "We don't consider ourselves Shiites; we fight for the rights of all Muslims", insists Abdelhay Bakkali, president of the Brussels section of the movement.

And Mr Ahrouch adds that "the Iranians are not the only ones to rejoice. We also received congratulations from Egypt: our brothers are happy to see that a light can be born for the Muslims in one of the main capitals of the western world".

In the meantime, Tehran has welcomed the party's breakthrough in Brussels and its two elected officials received "sincere congratulations" from the Ahl al-Bayt's director of international affairs, Muhammad Salar. The Brussels politicians were invited to a meeting this weekend in Tehran along with other Muslim elected Muslim politicians from Germany and Great Britain.


Maria José said...

España revoca el asilo a un paquistaní que grabó un vídeo difamatorio sobre Mahoma

El autor del vídeo tendrá que abandonar el país, a pesar de ser residente legal desde 2006

Las autoridades españolas han revocado la condición de asilado a un ciudadano paquistaní que grabó un vídeo difamatorio sobre Mahoma, por "atentar contra la seguridad del Estado español", informaron hoy a Efe fuentes del Ministerio del Interior.

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