Monday, 31 December 2012

Some extracts from an interview with Imran Firasat in Alerta Digital. He makes an excellent point here: his exile is now being revoked for exactly the same reason it was granted in the first place - criticising Islam.
How and when did you receive the news of the revocation of your asylum status by Spain?

Two weeks ago I received a notification that informed me that they had initiated a process to revoke my refugee status. They gave me two weeks to present appeals in my defence. Three days away from presenting my appeals in the asylum office in Madrid they announced to me that my asylum had been revoked with the excuse that I was a danger to national security. A process to withdraw asylum status that normally lasts 6 months, in my was completed in only 3 days, without the appeals presented in my defence being heard.

Who do you think pressured the Spanish government to take this decision?

Without doubt it was Muslim organisations in Spain and the Muslim governments in other countries that pressured the Spanish government. Spain hasn't revoked my asylum status for committing any crime. It's because of that that the final resolution doesn't say that I've committed any crime according to Spanish laws. It just says that my denunciations of Islam have provoked indignation in the Muslim world. It's the same as imprisoning a journalist, not for infringing or breaking any norm, but for writing something that doesn't please a specific lobby.

Does this confirm that the Spanish government is in the hands of Islam?

Yes, absolutely. On the one hand we speak about freedom of expression and on the other, when someone wants to express their opinion, he is persecuted to shut him up. I've been revealing the dirty nature of Islam for 7 years and I never heard anything. Besides, the reason I was given political asylum in Spain was that I was criticising Islam. Why are they pressuring me, persecuting me, revoking my asylum and want to deport me to a country where I can expect the death penalty? It's clear it's because of fear of the Muslim world. We have lost our rights and western values because of fear of economic relations with oil-producing Islamic countries and the unjustified violence of Muslims.

So are you afraid for your life? Does this revocation of your asylum definitely mean the death penalty?

If I had been afraid for my life, I would never have dared to criticise Mohammed or Islam. Jesus Christ has a special plan for my life. God and the truth are with me and this prevents me being afraid of anyone or anything. I will fight for my rights until the last breath and I will go on struggling to that people know that Islam is a danger to western society.
Source: Alerta Digital


Solibu Sal said...

According to many Muslim Scholars apostasy in itself is not punishable in Islam, however betrayal is. If Imran had simply just walked away from Islam, I don't think he would be in this predicament at this juncture of his life. If he wanted to move to Christianity it was his choice, he should have just moved to his new found faith and concentrated at excelling in Christianity, and not started his personal crusade against his ex-religion.

By provoking Muslims, he is now seen as a traitor, and hence will probably be hanged in any Islamic court. His best option is to try and get an asylum in another country, perhaps America or the UK...

Anonymous said...

Come to Australia. We're not as far down the dhimmie path as the rest of the West.

Don't come by boat though, you should fly in and claim asylum. If you come by boat you'll be with thousands of muslims and will die.

Timmy said...

Solibu, you are incorrect, if people were truly allowed to just walk away from Islam, Islam would have ceased to exist as a power in the world many centuries ago. It is only the use of force, and the killing of those who leave Islam, that Islam is able to retain so-called Muslims within the ranks.

Why can't this man escape to America?

Anonymous said...

Muslim scholars have a way of coming out with get-out clauses when it becomes necessary to do so to prevent Islam getting a bad name. It all goes under the umbrella of Taqqiya.

The fact remains that Muslim who leave Islam and become Christians are killed. Period.


Maria José said...


Anonymous said...

He should not insult the Last Prophet. He can leave Islam. The only point is If someone will insult your parents how you will react?

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