Friday, 14 December 2012
Apparently they want to solve the problem with even more socialism...:

"Rising inequality is threatening to divide Germany into a land of "haves" and "have nots," researchers warned on Thursday - potentially risking social unrest in the future. ...
The study highlighted a number of factors that have contributed to the increased inequality: a rising numbers of single households, single-parent families, and immigrants with limited education, as well as reductions in the top rate of income tax and the failure of social welfare payments to keep up with inflation. 
Researchers behind the study urged the government not to be complacent about the situation. DIW analysts Martin Gornig and Jan Goebel warned in a statement that "a strong middle class is important for the maintenance of social stability." 
"A growing number of poor people risks the development of ghetto areas," they said. 
Decisive government action is needed to address the situation - and the rich should take their share of the burden, they argued."
Source: Germany 'risks unrest if inequality not tackled'


Lord Crusader said...

The quicker we start the war the better because our numbers keep falling due to low fertility rates. But the far right need more time to develop. I am a militant far right catholic.

Lord Crusader said...

Solution militant catholism and fascism. Socialism is worse than Islam as without socialism/ multiculturalism there would be no muslims or foreigners in Europe like the good old days.

Lord Crusader said...

Due to socialism and islam I have become more tolerant of Protestants (I am irish) so every cloud has a silver lining!

sheik yer'mami said...

I spit on these government financed 'researchers' who produce whatever the ruling elites require to call for even more redistribution.


Maria José said...

Innocence of the prophet FULL MOVIE

Maria José said...

"El vídeo no lo voy a distribuir yo, lo hará el pastor Terry Jones"

Inram Fisarat en declaraciones a la SER dice que no va a sacar el vídeo contra el Islam por la alarma que ha generado

Ayer Inram Fisarat declaró ante el Juzgado de Instrucción número 50 de Plaza de Castilla durante dos horas. .


Anonymous said...

More socialism merely produces a larger population of parasites and bottom feeders who believe their fellow citizens owe the everything. Eventually, the nation collapses under the weight of its non-productive rabble, and the ensuing 'social unrest' (civil war) will then make the threat faced by earlier generations look like child's play. Unfortunately, socialists are far too deluded and stupid to understand this simple dynamic. So we will continue to keep our heads in the sand, and kick the problem down the road for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

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