Tuesday, 11 December 2012
The Ministry of Justice has sent a request to the European parliament for Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity to be lifted, it was learned on Tuesday from sources within the ministry. This request is linked to Marine Le Pen's remarks on 10 December 2010, drawing a parallel between the [Muslim] street prayers and the [Nazi] occupation, a source with knowledge of the case specified to the AFP. "I confirm that the Minister of Justice sent a request on 26 November to the president of the European parliament, Martin Schultz, for Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity to be lifted," indicated Pierre Rancé, ministry spokesman.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

if they want to lift Le Penes immunity, then let them lift the immunity of all. Then we can prosecute the multitudes of traitors, thieves, fraudsters, cheats, liars, opportunists, chancers,plus any other descriptions you may wish to add.& the so called ex Maoist Barosso

Le Pen will get a not guilty, whilst the others end up, hanging from a rope, with any luck.

Anonymous said...

I want that the european parliament gets convivted for treason! LePen is refreshing and truthfull, only i dont like about here is that she discriminates between jews and muslim's.
Both are a problem.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They want to prosecute her based on something she said 2 years ago?

Obviously it's because of her electoral success, nothing more. If they really thought she was "criminal" they would have gone after her 2 years ago.

The left is so transparent.

I note that terrorist-enabler Daniel Cohn-Bendit was allowed to keep his immunity and not forced to testify in the murder trial of his old terrorist friend, Hans-Joachim Klein. And that was a MURDER trial, not some abstract thought crime.

How sick we are when murder is considered a lesser crime than "racism."

Anonymous said...

A book full of hate is np for lefties, hate preaching imam"s is np for lefties. Our elderly getting kicked to death is np for lefties. Our woman raped is np for lefties. Our wealthfare being looted is np for lefties....

But saying the truth is huge crime... I sometimes wonder if they even are humans.

Maria José said...


Democracia Nacional pide el retorno de los musulmanes a sus países


Un colegio de Castellón no celebrará la Navidad por imposición musulmana


Anonymous said...

Europeans are comedians! They want to prosecute people telling them the truth about the cancer called Islam. I pity them for when the Champs Elysee becomes a seat of the French caliphate, I'll be here in Africa laughing my hearts out at the foolishness of Europeans! Hehehehe

Anonymous said...


what is your problem with Jews?

Anonymous said...

I hope they prosecute Marine. She will become like Geert Wilders.

When the Dutch PC brigade decided to prosecute Geert Wilders, they put themselves in a no-win situation. If they won and Wilders was sent to prison, he would become even stronger politically. If they lost, Wilders wins again.


Anonymous said...


No africa is a example of high civilisation, gl there. If there is one thing worse then a muslim its a negro... your time wil come, probably sooner

Lord Crusader said...

No muslims are worse.
I think militant Catholism/Christainity is the answer to this problem with a bit of fascism mixed in. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

My guess is agressive atheism, they have reason on their side. good recruiting tool :)

Anonymous said...

All over Europe resistance is being attacked, now, Marine Le Pen. The persons who, in public, dare stand up to totalitarianism are the once targeted, first.

Anonymous said...

It is not possible to find a group more the opposite of Muslims in every way, than Jews.

Jews are on the main industrious, law-abiding, responsible, value education, and respect women and the differences of others. Muslims as a group are the complete opposite of all of these things. Jews laid the foundations for Western civilizationn; Muslims can only survive by invading other civilizations and sucking them dry.

In a great historical irony, Muslims in Europe today actually are most of the things that Europeans traditionally accused Jews of being: conspiratorial, hateful, parasitical, vicious, rapacious, dishonest, cruel, seeking global domination, and generally being harmful to the public sphere. Yet the Muslims are admired, rewarded and protected despite being all of the things that Jews were historically accused of, while Jews were and still are persecuted for being things that they largely were not.

Anonymous said...

It's just politics as usual. Hollande announces a cut in welfare that will strongly affect Muslims – which is why it will never actually be implemented, at least not by the cowards and traitors who currently run France – so now he has to throw Muslims a bone of looking extra-vigilant against "racism" and "islamophobia." It's all a big game, or rather charade.

Who would have thought that one day European patriots would be persecuted by their own governments for telling the truth? The world has gone mad.

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