Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's a story that has a nursery school in Montargis, in Loiret, boiling. Now that the end of year celebrations are approaching, the headmistress of the school has decided to deschedule the traditional visit of Father Christmas to the classes. Officially, it's because of financial problems. The parents, stunned, denounce religious motives.

For some parents of the nursery school in Grand-Clos, there is no doubt: the reason for the cancellation of the visit of the gentleman in red with the white beard is "religious". One mother said, this Wednesday, in "Le Parisien - Aujourd'hui en France" : "The headmistress explained to me that she didn't want to get her knuckles rapped by certain Muslim families", she says.

A problem confirmed by the assistant to the mayor of Montargis, responsible for children's affairs. He adds that "each year, families threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas' visit". The headmistress therefore appears to have given in. For some, "it's too much". According to them, it's a question of the "islamisation of an educational institution".
Source: RTL

"I went to see the headmistress to find out the reasons for this cancellation," recalls the mother of a young girl who wishes to preserve her anonymity, "and she explained to me that she didn't want to have her fingers rapped by certain Muslim families." The headmistress, who has been in charge of the school in Grand-Clos for a few weeks, also invoked this argument to the mayor's office who called her for explanations. "She admitted to us that she had called the previous headmistress to learn how to deal with the families who, each year, threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas' visit," recalls Jean-Paul Fonteneau, assistant in charge of children's affairs and teaching.
Source: Le Parisien


To his credit, the local mayor has come out strongly against the cancellation.


Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Let 'em boycott the class when Santa comes around. It'll give the non-Muslim kids a little relief from all the "enrichment."

Thom Jefferson said...

That's exactly what I thought, if the Muslims don't show up it could be the most enjoyable day of the year for the native French children. It will give them another reason to love and respect the holiday.

wheatington said...

Is this a private school? If so, parents should go elsewhere.

ElenaG said...

Father Christmas/Satan Claus is NOT a religious symbol. It's quite secular and abt buying more and more stuff!

The nativity scene is THE religious symbol.

Anonymous said...

if only islam did not exist.

Jake-a-runi said...

Were my kid there, I'd be pleased if the ignorant barbarians boycotted the school completely. Ah, life without them! It can be arranged.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a foul, pus-filled death cult. Europe lives in joe camel's a**.

Anonymous said...

"Father Christmas/Satan Claus is NOT a religious symbol"

He's based on St. Nicholas of Myra

learn something

Anonymous said...

Where will this end I wonder? First they ban a Christmas visit from Santa Claus, then no doubt Easter celebrations will be conveniently 'cancelled' too.

I'm sure the school head will use the excuse of funding again but obviously it will be to fall in lime with the islamic lunatics and their threats. If the muslims want to boycott anything to do with Christianity then let them.

The school should be proud of their cultural and religious heritage instead of pandering to islam - an invading and dangerous ideology conveniently called a religion.

Anonymous said...

" Where will this end I wonder? First they ban a Christmas visit from Santa Claus, then no doubt Easter celebrations will be conveniently 'cancelled' too. "

Look at Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Hebron

all these places used to be majority Christian or Jewish areas before the intimidation and dhimmifcation and islamization that is happening in Europe as we can see.

Anonymous said...

In reply to your comment "Look at Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Hebron" I was thinking specifically about the school in this instance, but yes, overall Europe is facing some tough times ahead.

Unless our 'masters' in Brussels wake up to the real dangers I can see Christmas and other Christian events being shelved to protect the 'sensitivities' of the invading muslim hordes.

Already Belgium is refusing to erect a Christmas tree in the city centre - a first, but done so as not to upset you-know-who.

Here in the UK we often see stories in the media of schools and councils renaming Christmas to the 'Winter Festival' for example to make it an all-inclusive event. What total rubbish!

muslims hate us, our religion, way of life, our freedoms (for now), our culture and heritage. I just wish we could send them all back to their sandy stone-age hell-holes and let them get on with it. They seem to enjoy the 7th century so much they deserve to all be back there and leave the rest of civilised society move on.

Anonymous said...

Let them boycott. Then the Western world can grow a spine and let out a great big "FUCK YOU" to the muslims

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem here. Let them boycott. In fact, they should station armed guards to make sure the shit stains stay home. What the hell is wrong with these idiots that cave to these SAVAGE sub human piles of smegma?

samaritan said...

If the muslims are against any other religions why don't they go back to their countries where there is no Christmas and leave those who tolerate them to celebrate their festivals. This is something like the French in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia telling them not to celebrate ramadhan.

Anonymous said...

We can all moan and grone, Muslims have a upper hand in our countries. ss.k

Anonymous said...

They celebrate Christmas with gusto in Dubai, don't they? If only all Muslims could have that sort of attitude instead of being so miserable and Scrooge-like :(

Did you see the biggest mosque in Sydney, Lakemba, issued a fatwa against Christmas? They should rename the mosque Lakem-Bah Humbug!

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