Sunday, 9 December 2012
Islamophobic acts have increased by 42% compared to the first ten months of 2012, going from 123 to 175, according to a provisional report of the Observatoire contre l’islamophobie [Observatory of Islamophobia]. A minimum number because it only records actions about which a criminal complaint has been filed or that have appeared in a logbook.

In the front line: places of worship and cemeteries. In addition to insulting emails, tags and fire-raising attempts, several have been defiled with heads of pigs or excrement.

"There has been a multiplication and a banalisation of desecrations", denounces Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Conseil français du Culte musulman (CFCM) [French Council of the Muslim Religion]. The most striking action was the occupation, on 20 October, of the construction site of the Poitiers mosque by a far-right group. "For the first time, people sang warlike anti-Islam slogans openly," stresses M. Moussaoui. We have reached a new level".

Faced with these threats, at the beginning of October the CFCM demanded a "solemn declaration" from president François Hollande against the rise in Islamophobia. For now this has remained a dead letter.

Beyond actions that were clearly Islamophobic, "we have heard an uninhibited discourse, often negative towards Islam", notes Franck Frégosi, director of research at CNRS and a specialist in Islam in Europe. For him, "what had been an attitude of the far right ... is tending to spread like wildfire". "Phobic sentiments" have been fed by various facts and a tense international context, he says, regretting that fact that some people make use of them "to say that Islam cannot be integrated into the Republic."
Source: Libération


Thom Jefferson said...

Well the spelling Nazi has spoke....

In 1796 the French led Europe to an age of enlightenment. And took traitors heads as trophies. Are the French reawakening another European Spring? What you sow, so shall you reap!

Is my spelling OK Di**head?

Thom Jefferson said...

I am terribly annoyed that you deleted the post prior to mine that was meant as a reply to the leftist attack on spelling and grammar.

I find these people quite sad now and can hardly wait to fiercely kick them when the time has come.

I have saved a special pair of Red Wing Engineer boots that have kicked over my old 74 Harley for years for just that purpose.

Wait till the bas**rd sees the Buck Knife I've had since Lebanon('83) in the Corps (I walked out). I will personally show him just how sharp it is....

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It was a generic spam message, not a real comment.

Anonymous said...

l imagine the figures they collect are malleable and can be made perform any task they want performed. In Australia the police departments in the two largest states have each of them been caught out under reporting crime by a huge 50 per cent per annum. We cant place much faith in statistics the authorities publish - any authorities. Those that rule over us shape statistics to suit their agenda. Their agenda is nothing less than White genocide - or disappearance if you like, or we could call it the White vanishing.
However if conditions are deliberately made so difficult such that a peoples continued existence is made impossible the correct term is genocide. That is what is now happening in all the White countries, or rather those counties that until very recently have been described as White countries. Professor Kevin MacDonald clearly and unambiguously identifies those who are presiding over the destruction of the West

Anonymous said...

Good for france, take it back :)

Anonymous said...

"uninhibited discourse" sounds really scary or at least a bit louche, but wasn't it once known as "freedom of speech"?

Anonymous said...

Foutre Islam

Hamid said...

Any country has a perfect right to act in whatever way is necessary to stem public nuisances. Islam is the most divisive public nuisance in France. It can no longer hide its true murky colours. Did muslims really think they'd get away with spreading their toxic BS forever?

Anonymous said...

This is great news! It is hopefully only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"Wait till the bas**rd sees the Buck Knife I've had since Lebanon('83) in the Corps (I walked out). I will personally show him just how sharp it is...."

Thom Jefferson, ever heard of "Internet Tough Guy"? You're such a douche, lol. You're not going to do shit, you pussy. Stop talking tough and get back in your basement.

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