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I've written before about how the mainstream right-wing parties in Europe are being caught in a pincer movement between aliens who won't vote for them because they think they are too hostile to aliens, on the one hand, and indigenes who won't vote for them because they think they are too friendly to aliens, on the other.

This creates a dilemma for strategists within the mainstream right parties. Should they embrace the aliens, further alienating their traditional voter base? Or should they get tough on immigration/Islam, risking further estrangement from the growing alien demographic? So far virtually all mainstream parties have looked at the demographics and made the same choice: embrace the alien. It now looks like David Cameron of the Conservative Party has made the same choice.
David Cameron has ordered a drive to increase the number of black and Asian Conservative parliamentary candidates, amid fears within the party that its unpopularity among ethnic minorities could spell disaster at the next election.

The Prime Minister has told colleagues that he regards building support among voters from immigrant backgrounds as the biggest challenge facing the Tories in their quest to "detoxify" their image among large sections of the community.

Senior party figures are pointing to last month's defeat for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney – who was largely shunned by black and Hispanic voters – in the US presidential election as a warning of the costs of ignoring Britain's rapid demographic shifts.

One Conservative MP in a marginal urban seat told The Independent that his party faced an "existential" challenge in responding to the country's changing ethnic make-up. MPs and candidates are being given advice on how to engage with non-white communities by regularly attending key events, being urged to increase their presence in ethnic minority newspapers, radio programmes and television bulletins and to gain expertise on issues that particularly affect such groups.

The Tories said they were basing the strategy on the success of the governing Conservative Party of Canada, which boosted its electoral fortunes partly by increasing its support among voters born outside the country.

The party insists its core messages – including support for small business and defence of the family – resonate with many ethnic minorities, but admits it is hampered by a "brand" problem among such groups.

The Reading West MP Alok Sharma, the Tory vice-chairman in charge of the strategy, said Mr Cameron supported increasing the diversity of Conservative parliamentary candidates and MPs.

Mr Sharma said he hoped the party and Parliament would come to be "reflective of the country we live in". He said: "I very much hope that over a period of time there will be many more people from ethnic minority backgrounds on the Conservative benches, but also all benches."

Although the Conservatives increased their number of black and Asian MPs from two to 11 at the last election, alarm bells were sounded in party headquarters by their 16 per cent support among ethnic minorities compared with the 68 per cent picked up by Labour.

Unless they can close the gap, their poor polling among non-white communities threatens their control of between 10 and 15 parliamentary seats and undermines their hopes of capturing 10 to 15 other seats held by Labour with small majorities.

Research presented privately to party leaders revealed that people from Afro-Caribbean and Pakistani backgrounds are most hostile to the Conservatives, but that other ethnic minorities including Sikhs and Hindus – even those who regard themselves as middle class – are resistant to Tory messages.

They have been told the Conservatives suffer a serious "brand" problem dating back to Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech. It has been fuelled by such episodes as Norman Tebbit talking about the "cricket test" for immigrants and the institutional failures exposed by the murder of the black schoolboy Stephen Lawrence, which occurred under a Tory government.

Gavin Barwell, the MP for Croydon Central, warned the party could not win the next election without significantly increasing its appeal to minority communities.

He said: "The Prime Minister, and people around him, understand this and are focused on it. The party as a whole is increasingly focused on it and the number of colleagues who understand this is growing all the time.

"In the long term it's an existential issue for the party. In the short term we have got to focus on everybody who didn't vote for us at the last election."
Source: Independent

As I've also written about before, the mainstream right's party's desertion of its traditional voter base foster a growing electoral challenge from an insurgent "fringe" right-wing party. The problem they face is that the fringe is continually getting bigger, and is significantly cannibalising their vote.

There are two ways to look at the French election results, for example. The first is that Sarkozy would have won if Muslims had exhibited the same voting patterns as non-Muslims. This suggests a strategy of being nice to Muslims. The second is that Sarkozy would have won if Front National voters had voted for him instead. This suggests a strategy of getting tough with Muslims and cracking down on immigration.

European politics is now characterised by a race against time between the growing weight of the alien demographic on the one hand; and the growing realisation of the European people that their governments are subjecting them to a slow-motion genocide, on the other. The question is which tendency will achieve electoral dominance first.

More deeply, the fact that the mainstream parties (traditionally the repository of immigration sceptics) to abandon even token resistance to the alien colonisation of our ancestral living spaces means that the clear majority of voters who now firmly oppose the continuation of this project are left with no serious political representation. This calls into question the very legitimacy of our form of government. What is the use of representative democracy if it means you lose your own country? Most countries in western Europe only became fully-fledged democracies in the immediate aftermath of WW2. For some, like Spain, Portugal or Greece, the change came even later. Yet only a few decades after embracing this form of government, the people of Europe have had their countries taken away from them. They face a conspiracy among all elite actors telling them that their future is to be hybridised with Asia and Africa. We can expect more Breivik-style attacks as some people conclude that violence is the only outlet for expressing their dissent.

(More in the same vein here from Gavin Barwell MP).


Anonymous said...

A gift to UKIP.

Passer by said...

I don't think western europeans will really wake up until they become something like 50 percent. Then they are not even going to try to retake their countries, but probably turn to separatism and escapism. Europe has a long history of separatist movements.
In most of Eastern Europe though, right wing governments will be in charge and could even form some kind of eastern european union after the EU implodes due to its very old population and rampant separatism.

Anonymous said...

Either he's a complete and utter idiot, or his mission is to destroy the conservative party. Either way, I'll never vote conservative again. Even if they get a "proper" conservative in charge, I cannot forgive them for letting this "progressive" destroy the party.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

impotent rage. c*ckfest

Anonymous said...

Britain easily gives voting rights and citizenship to muslim immigrants. That's not the case in Greece, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. North western europe will be islamised, but the other parts will resist.

Anonymous said...

Cheradenine Zakalwe-- another brilliant essay, for whatever my acclaim is worth to you.

I noticed a reader comment on the Gavin Barwell article from "Gunnerbear" (103p, 2 days ago)to the effect that if a party can give people solutions that most people support, it can win plenty of votes.

That brought to mind the British Freedom platform and Paul Weston's claim that polls show most British people support their 20 point platform. I hope it works for them. To get it to work I'd guess they need to do a lot of door to door sales work, showing people their 20 point platform, since hardly anyone knows what they stand for-- or even that they exist.

Anonymous said...

The new face of the UK., in a hundred years british culture will be replaced by a 7th century peoples.

Red Rose said...

Bartered his soul for a few votes. Sold it to Islam. Winston Churchill and Enoch Powell must be cursing him from their graves.

Quote: "We can expect more Breivik-style attacks as some people conclude that violence is the only outlet for expressing their dissent."

That solution is looking more and more the likely outcome unless Cameron and other politicians remember that they are supposed to represent their people, not assist Moslems to take 100% possession of their countries.

Hermes said...

There is no way out. All mainstream politicians are corrupt villains whose main interest is to remain in power. They do not give a f...k about people. This is almost dazzling. Surreal. Paranoic. All politicians must disappear.

Sufyan Khan said...

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Anonymous said...

Fuck You.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron is a dangerous lunatic who must be placed in a secure psychiatric institution as quickly as possible, preferably under heavy physical and chemical restraints.

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