Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Danish Royal Library is hosting an exhibition on the Ottoman empire's genocide of more than a million Christian Armenians. The Turks have complained and have now offered to make their own parallel exhibition in the library with the title "The socalled Armenian genocide"...

"After a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador The Royal Library has agreed to co-organize an alternative exhibition on the Armenian genocide.
The Turkish ambassador responded to the Royal Library as a result of the exhibition "The Armenian Genocide and Scandinavian response", which is currently displayed on the University of Copenhagen in collaboration between the library and the Armenian Embassy.
The sensitive issue of the Armenian genocide has previously led to sharp diplomatic reactions from Turkey, and both historians and politicians criticized the Royal Library for giving in to Turkish pressure.
"This is a bow to Turkish pressure and it is not alright. With out further comparison it would be the same as asking neo-Nazis to organize exhibitions about the Holocaust,' says Danish People's Party's foreign affairs spokesman Soren Espersen.
Historian Matthias Bjorn Lund, who is one of the leading Danish experts in the Armenian genocide, is concerned about the library's handling of the case:
"If you believe that all interpretations of history are equally good, then you have undermined your own role as a institution for scientific research. There was a genocide, and not all interpretations of this story are true."
Source: The Royal Library gives in to Turkey's wish
"It was very unexpected that they (Turkey) had been offered an exhibition under that title. It was shocking. Our exhibition is about the Armenian Genocide and the Scandinavian response. It is mostly about how brave Scandinavians helped the Armenian people during the genocide. This context makes the counter-exhibition entitled 'the so-called Armenian genocide' even more wrong," said Hrachya Aghajanyan (Armenian ambassador)".
Source: The ballad about "The socalled genocide"


Anonymous said...

Turkey is an Islamicist state. Their genocide of the Armenians is a FACT. They will soon be in public denial of the holocaust of the Jews by their hero, Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Turkish Republic is NOT an islamic state and NEVER will be. That genocide is completely FABRICATED by the imperialist powers of Europe, just to reach their goal as 'taking the Anatolia'. But, it didn't happen. Because, noble TURKS kicked their hostile bums in Galipoli in 1915. Adolf Shitler is / was a European Christian and he is a well known example of White Supremacist - Racist - Colonialist 'GENOCIDIST' mentality of Europeans. JEWISH HOLOCAUST is a undeniable FACT, but armenian tall tale is NOT.

European HYPOCRITES should recognize their own hienous crimes against the FIST NATIONS in world history, before they start to accuse some another nation. European settlers killed more than 100 MILLION Native Indians in Americas, thousands of Indigenous People in Australia and Blacks in Africa, 25 MILLION Indians in India lost their precious lives by the cruelty of Brits and their 'Hunger Policy' in late 1800's. French also killed 1,5 MILLION Algerians in North Africa and even in Vietnam, Indo-China, Napoleon (his genocide in Haiti, first use of gas as a chemical weapon) etc. The Dutch killed Indonesians, Thai, Aboriginals in Australia etc. Spanish and Portugues exterminated the Indian population on entire continet of Latin America.

Italians also killed Arabs in Libya and Indians in America. Greeks killed millions of Turkish people in Balcan region in between 1921-1922. Armenian bandits also killed more than 500,000 innocent Turks in Anatolia with the support of France, Russia.

Yesterday's COLONIALIST-GENOCIDIST nations of Europe shouldn't even open their filthy mouth to complain about such things, specially when their hands are still BLOODY with all these HIDDEN GENOCIDES.

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