Friday, 7 December 2012
Until now, no one dared to file a complaint against Charlie Hebdo, following the publication last september of the cartoons featuring on the person that some call the prophet. The various exhortations and threats from Islamist or Islamic movements therefore remained verbal. uite à la publication en septembre dernier de ses fameux dessins mettant en cause celui que certains appellent le Prophète. Les exhortations et menaces diverses issues des mouvances islamistes ou islamiques étaient donc restées verbales.

But now things are moving and we are able to announcew that the weekly magazine has just received an extensive (28 pages !!!) citation to appear. The said appearance will take place on 29 January at the XVII Chanmber of the TGI Paris, usually responsible for dealing with press matters.

This citation comes from two organisations that hitherto were completely unknown: the association Rassemblement Démocratique Algérien pour la Paix et le Progrès (RDAP) [Algerian Democratic Union for Peace and Progress] and the association Organisation Arabe Unie (OAU) [United Arab Organisation] calling itself a "branch association of the RDAP" (sic), both based in Sarcelles and both under the direction of a certain Zaoui Saada.

These nice people are of course indignant about the fact that Charlie attacked the image of the so-called prophet, but, proceeding from there, develop a rather audacious point of law.

In his citation, Zaoui Saada expresses the view that by defaming Allah, it is he himself who has personally and publicly been defamed as well as the organisations he directs. Such a crime cannot remain unpunished, so he demands 200,000 euros for each of the two associations and 20,000 euros for himself, based on psychological harm.

To do a proper accounting, the plaintiffs demand that the proceeds of the sale of Charlie's two "publications in dispute" on Islam, that is 362,500 euros, go to one or other of the two associations directed by Zaoui Saada – non-profit associations, it goes without saying.


Anonymous said...

Mr Zaoui Saada would have to furnish an admission from Allah that Allah himself had been offended.

Otherwise there is no basis for the claim.

Ayesha Aslam said...


Ayesha Aslam said...

As written by you sir 'Until now, no one dared to file a complaint against Charlie Hebdo, following the publication last september'. Thanks for saying it yourself. Ahhh i see you mean that this time charlie hebdo has done something so disastrous that a complaint is being filed against it. Ohhh. Hmmm.
My sweetest honey. I dont blame you. You have no culture or values. For you french kissing and roaming naked in the streets is life. You send your parents to old homes and they kick you out when you are fifteen or sixteen. Drinking, indulging into frolics and then ending into depression is all that you consider life. Of course you would not mind if your Prophet is drawn naked. This is height of insensitivity. If someone draws a naked picture of your parent and puts it on the street without your permission, i would then ask you about your freedom of speech. You will definitely slap me and say How dare you? Its all about sensitivity and how close you are bonded with your religion.
In a time like this it is very easy for muslims to make an anti christian film or silly pictures against Christ. But it will never ever happen. This is because we respect Jesus Christ much more than the Christians themselves. If you open the second page of the Holy Quran it says one can not be a muslim until and unless he believes in all the previous scriptures and Prophets. As there is the old bible, the new Bible. Quran is the latest version of the Holy Bible.
There is no muslim ever who will say anything bad about christ because we respect him much more than you do. its just that we say that Jesus is not God. And Prophet Muhammad is the last of messengers. Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in your Bible in many places by the name of Ahmed. Read your scriptures well.
And if you think that Prophet Muhammad is weird because he married a girl of nine, i would only say that if i can believe in the virginity of Mary--- why cant you. Hmmmm. Though i can fully debate with you on this but I do not have more time. Better luck.

houdini said...

The three lawyers League Legal Defense Muslim (LDJM), including the criminal lawyer Jean-Marc Florand, filed a complaint Tuesday against Charlie Hebdo , the site lay Islamophobic Response, the magazine Current Values ​​and finally Manuel Valls , the Minister of the Interior.

The satirical weekly, was accused of "incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their origin or their membership or non-membership an ethnic group, nation, race or "religion. In July 2013, Charlie Hebdo published in a drawing supposed to represent a Muslim who said: "The Qur'an is the shit, it does not stop bullets."

The association against Islamophobia has also decided to file a complaint specifically in Alsace-Moselle, where Article 166 of the Penal Code punishes blasphemy. Nevertheless, the regime of the Concordat in force in these three departments (Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin and Moselle) ignores the presence of Islam.
In addition to the lawsuits against newspapers or publications, Manuel Valls is also attacked. A petition was filed in the Court of Justice of the Republic for "incitement to discrimination and hatred."The complaint is about that of the Minister of the Interior held on August 19, 2013 according to which "the next decade, we must demonstrate that Islam is compatible with democracy."

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