Monday, 10 December 2012

I've written many times about attacks on Christian religious symbols, churches and cemeteries in France. Increasingly, the French government is unable to protect its people and heritage from routine Muslim aggression. You would think, though, that if anywhere in France was still safe from this low-level jihad, it would be a military base. But no. It seems the effects of the Muslim presence are now being felt even there. To anyone who read my article about mutinous Muslims in the French military, this should come as no great surprise.
Attacks against Christianity are multiplying and reaching places one would have thought protected. On Saturday it was in the naval base in Toulon (photo), access to which is highly controlled, that a chapel was desecrated. Three major symbols of the Catholic faith were overturned and destroyed: the tabernacle, the baptistery, and the ambon (pulpit where the Bible, which was trampled on, is placed).

A sailor who came to pray in the chapel discovered the facts. An inquiry has been opened by the naval gendarmerie.

“The intolerance now penetrates into military precincts: there are reasons to be truly concerned" indicates Monseigneur Poinard, vicar-general of the diocese of the French military.
Source: Novopress


Anonymous said...

How does one stop this muslim invasion ?

Anonymous said...

But the problem is "l'islamophobie"...and not muslims and their despicable deeds (acts) that is what provokes islamofauxbia.

Fucking muslims hypocrites, the world will achieve peace when you are gone.

Begone!...leave us alone that we don't want you stay near.

Anonymous said...

It's not intolerance, it's islam what penetrated into military precincts.

Oh what am i trying to say, if islam is a synonymous of intolerance. It's the shape that adopts intolerance inside human reality

Anonymous said...

They need to go back to whatever 3rd World country they ran away from and leave our civilied nations alone.

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