Tuesday, 11 December 2012
The rate of employment of Belgian residents born outside of the European Union rose last year to 45.8%. No other European country has so few of its immigrants in work, said De Standaard on Tuesday.

Furthermore, a significant difference of 20 percentage points separates the rate of immigrant employment from that of indigenes. In addition, the share of immigrant woman on the employment market in Belgium barely reaches 37%.
Source: 7sur7.be


Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I thought I will post it anyway because you published an article called "Radical Islamic Drug Gang Forced Swiss Youths to Deal Drugs, Obtain Mobile Phones and Convert to Islam" a few days ago. There's a new report regaring that matter in the Swiss Newspaper "Blick", reporting they caught the muslims. One of them is even in the Swiss army:


Maria José said...

Los británicos de RAZA BLANCA ya son MINORÍA en Londres


Maria José said...

La policía alemana detiene a un presunto islamista tras una amenaza de bomba

El sospechoso es un somalí que dejó una bolsa con material explosivo en la estación de tren de Bonn


Maria José said...


Police arrested a Somali-born man and are pursuing another suspected of planting a bag with potentially explosive material at the main train station in the German city of Bonn yesterday



Maria José said...

Bonn bomb scare cops 'hunting Salafists'

German security officials on Tuesday said one man had been arrested amid a police investigation into a Salafist terrorist connection to a suspected explosive device found at the Bonn train station


Anonymous said...

anon 19:10

makes u wonder about the quality of screening doesnt it.. In case of a attack we can be sabotaged so easily

humoristendk said...

Muslims should not be alowed to work in Europe or send money home at all.

Anonymous said...

l keep seeing this word "salafist". I'm sure its a pc word for something else, muslim brotherhood perhaps?

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