Tuesday, 11 December 2012

There was an interesting series of articles in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag this weekend, detailing the persecution of Christians by Muslims in various countries. Volker Kauder, a leading politician within the centre-right CDU party was quoted saying:
Religious freedom is threatened worldwide by Islamism. Wherever Muslim extremists have a majority [how can they be extremists if they are in the majority?], it becomes difficult for other religions...

In Egypt the situation of Christians is deteriorating rapidly.

...Eight million Christian Copts live there and are more and more fearful that they will soon no longer be able to live their beliefs in their homeland. That is dramatic.
Source: Welt.de

Even if he mistakes Islam for Islamism, this is still an unusually forthright assessment for our intellectually paralysed politicians. So what vigorous measures does he propose to come to the aid of these persecuted Christians? Wait for it...he threatens to stop advertisements for Egyptian tourism! I'm sure the Muslim Brotherhood is already trembling at the prospect.


Walter Sieruk said...

As for one reason the so many Muslamic so much dislike Christians that they even hate them and some of them even engage in violence towards them is because,no doubt, the imams and mullahs in in mosques and other places the people many unfounded and untrue evil thing about Christians and Christianity. These Islamic clerics really don't care if the thing they say and false or not just as long as they keep speaking evil odf Christians and Christian doctrines. Thus these Islamic clerics get the people all worked up against the Christians with violence. As for thes imams and mullahs who do this wicked thing of speaking of Christian ans Christian teaching in such evil ways the Bible explans about such men in Second Peter 2:12. For it reads "They speak evil of things they do not understand and will utterly perish in their corruption." [NKJV]

It also should be noted that when the Bible uses the word "perish" in most cases such as in the above and in John 3:16 "it does not mean a loss of being but a loss of well being." As in going to ruin by ending up suffering forever in the fires of a terrible place called hell.

Anonymous said...

Getting tough... yeah right. Its al just rhetoric to look nice for the electorate. Meanwhile nothing gets done. And eventualy european christians wil face the same genocide.

When our governments wil act uppon things that are moral instead of financial? This is just another blank shot, to act as if they are engaged. Those "christians" probably end up colonizing europe...

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