Monday, 12 November 2012

Interesting results from an IFOP poll first published in Le Journal de Dimanche and reported again by L'Express.

8 in 10 French people think there is too much welfare.
3 in 4 French people think Islam is spreading too much in France.
66% think there are too many immigrants in France.
57% are against foreigners having the right to vote in local elections.
56% say "you don't feel safe anywhere".

So why did they vote for a Socialist who will only make all of these problems worse?

Source: L'Express


alas said...

and the other 25% are probably mostly Muslims themselves.

Walter Sieruk said...

If the title of this acticle is true then that means that three quarters of the French people in France are aware of the reality of the truth. Which this couse are the evils of Islamic immigration and thus more Muslims in their counrty. Thus they must expect that there will ,in time, be an increase in suicide/homicide bombings because of the far-fetched and sensensical Islamic doctine from the Quran of some kind of paradise with many virgins,houris,in it for the jihadist who dies for the cause of Islam. As the Franch philosopher, Voltaire, explained "As long as men contiune to believe in absurities they will continue to commit artocities."

Anonymous said...

WHY! "stupid is that stupid does"

Darthkuriboh said...

Yet they vote for the socialist party instead of voting for the French Nationalists. Now they're going to have to raise a civilian army to toss out the unwanted foreigners who don't belong in France anyway.

Lord Crusader said...

I hope that the French peope turn back to God and kick out these unholy and impure parasites out of their beautiful country before it is too late. God help France, Europe and the whole World lets begin the Holy War today.
Dieu le veut- God wills it

Lord Crusader said...

Pour la France

Anonymous said...

So why did they vote for a Socialist who will only make all of these problems worse?

The same can be said for Americans/ Why did they vote for Obama, yet again, when a majority dislike Obamacare.


broto seno said...

@The people of French:1. Get yourself over the panicky condition. 2. Jack up your courage which had been sedated by Trio Wahabist, corrupt politicians and PC.( You might need the hypnotist to do that?).3. Close the mosque as the Arab close the church in Arab land.4. Deport all Wahabist preachers.5 Screen all the immigrant to obey local rule.When can you start that, and what is the hindering ? tarzan9600.

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