Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New controversy in Vélez-Málaga, this time related to its corporate image. The PP government team in the mayoral office does not want the official documents processed in the office to continue featuring an Arab pierced by a spear in the breast, as depicted in the the city's historical crest, which was granted by the queen Isabel the Catholic in 1499. "I feel very proud of this crest and in fact it will go on being used in formal deeds, but today Vélez ought to give an image of modernity, of an open municipality which has nothing against any race or religion", the mayor, Francisco Delgado, explained yesterday, justifying his government's initiative of spending 37,000 euros in carrying out a study into creating a new corporate image for the town council.

Although the mayor regards the study as absolutely necessary given that each department is using a different interpretation of the crest, there has been harsh criticism from the PSOE [Socialists] that in the current economic crisis and with the necessity that so many Velez families are in, this amount of money is being spent when the city has had its own shield for more than five years. [The Spanish text says 'five' but I think it should be 'five hundred'.]

According to the mayor, the idea is that the image that will be created from this historical emblem places greater emphasis on the figure of the king Fernando the Catholic and suppresses that of the Moor fleeing pierced by a spear in front of his horse, "among other things to put an end to xenophobic criticisms".

Queen Isabel the Catholic granted the city of Vélez-Málaga its most important symbols in: its seal, crest, banner and flag. The crest depicts the only armed action in which the king Fernando the Catholic participated during the war of Granada and, more specifically, the conquest of the city of Veleña, which took place in 1487. During the military parade of the Castilian army, Veleñans (Moors) sallied and surprised the monarch without armour, forcing him to prepare himself for combat. The bravery of a groom called Sebastián Sánchez Pelao prevented Fernando the Catholic being pierced by a spear. The groom placed himself in front of the monarch, ensuring he was not wounded. This cost him his life. To commemorate that act, the city crest, based on a decision by Queen Isabel, shows a mounted king with a groom dead at his feet and with the Moors fleeing, one of them pierced by a spear. Vélez was granted its flag 12 years after (1499) that event.
Source: DiarioDelSur Via: Alerta Digital


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