Monday, 5 November 2012
If Morocco authorises non-Muslim families to adopt Moroccan orphans, 30,000 children risk being evangelised in the next 20 years, according to the Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid.

The Kafala, the adoption regime in force in Morocco, allows non-Muslim families to adopt Moroccan children.

However, in practice, foreigners are not authorised to adopt Moroccan children, or at least do not have priority. Numerous adoption requests from foreigners are rejected by the Moroccan authorities.

The main reason for these rejections is religion because, according to the minister, the majority of the children adopted would be pressured towards Christianity.

Questioned recently on these remarks by Spaniards whose adoption requests had been rejected, Mustapha Ramid declared that he was not able to intervene, as Justice Minister, in judgements made in matters of adoption.

In Morocco, almost 5000 children are abandoned each year, but there are only 2,500 adoption requests from Moroccan and foreign families.


Maria José said...

Nuevo lanzamiento de piedras a la policía española en la frontera de Melilla

Un grupo de marroquíes ha protagonizado un nuevo lanzamiento de piedras contra la policía española en la frontera de Melilla, después de que los agentes les negaran la entrada a la ciudad autónoma por carecer de visado.

sheik Yer'Mami said...

Adoption is un-islamic, ever since Muhammad screwed the wife of his adopted son Zaid, who then became one of his wives. After that, adoption was no longer permitted.

Anonymous said...

what's the problem?

Columnist said...

They prefer abortion?

Anonymous said...

Read an article that Morocco has 600 to 800 abortions a day (abortin is illegal there)- perhaps the dutch sent the abortion ship down to Morocco last month to help orphanaages deal with unwanted children? :D

Anonymous said...

Tender orphan children will be a most important post-apocalyptic protein source and I insist, while supply is abundant and prices reasonable, my government procure enough to satisfy American protein requirements until normal cattle prodiction resumes.

Anonymous said...

100,000 abandoned Muslim children over the next 20 years - halal
Finding up 20,000 of those children homes where they MAY risk conversion but will be in a caring home - haram

Go figure

gsw said...

"risk being evangelised"

Shows their attitude towards the rest of the world all to clearly. Imagine me refusing adoption to anyone on the claim that they "risk being exposed to religious propaganda" the multi-kultis would go crazy.
Worse, risk exposure to islam! Can get fired for that.

Columnist said...

Catholics should stop considering Muslims to be pro-life. Muslims only oppose abortion for demographic reasons. In Europe, they consistently vote for Left-wing, pro-abortion parties.

Lord Crusader said...

I am Irish and Catholic and there is no abortion in Ireland and I hope and pray to God it will stay that way, but with the left getting stronger my worst fears of ireland becoming multi cultural, with abortion and anti catholism are being seen. Pray for Ireland, Europe and the World, strange times are ahead.

Lord Crusader said...

Islam and the left are our worst enemys. I support the far right but they are not repesented in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Spanish society is extremely racist to Moroccans. This racism characterises Spanish at all socio-economic and education levels. Therefore even if the aspiring adopters did not despise "Moros" it would be irresponsible for Morocco to stand aside and let members of our Moroccan race to be uprooted and subject to a "mata-moro" environment.

Are there no Spanish orphans in Spain? How about in France or Eastern Europe? What is the reason for not doing good (assuming they have no sinister plans) for their own people's benefit.

...Forgive me for saying this, but these adopters might be sexual predators with a Moroccan fetish. Is there a method to rule this out?

Europeans (however justified) sometimes have a reputation for being paedophiles so it is normal for Morocco to be defending the children's interests by being a buffer against their rape.

If instead the Moroccan authorities had been nonchalant about adoptions and allowed anyone to pick up children and bring them back to their countries, I am sure this site would choose to adhere to Islamaphobia by framing it as if Muslims regard children as chattel available to anyone like trinkets.

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