Wednesday, 7 November 2012
In an interview according to the online journal TSA, the French ambassador in Algeria Mr André Parrant underlines the intent of both parties to build a shared future.

...Touching on the subject which always give rise to debate, that of visas and the free circulation of persons, Mr Parrant judges that there is a strong demand for visas in Algeria, which shows the interest Algerians have in France. The number of visas delivered is increasing. According to the ambassador, this number should reach 200,000 by the end of the year, and he emphasises that this number is a significant increase compared to the two previous years (2010-2011). The consulates general of France in Algeria supplied between 138,000 et 165,000 visas between 2010 and 2011, explains the French ambassador, declaring that more than 80% of requests are granted. "We will continue to work in this direction," he says on this subject. He made it clear that movement between France and Algeria had to be facilitated in both directions.


Rufus News From Atlantis said...

'there is a strong demand for visas in Algeria, which shows the interest Algerians have in France' - of course the Algerians want to swarm into France. Who wouldn't want to live a life of luxury and never lift a finger to pay for any of it? Not self-respecting Frenchmen, but then the Arab invaders don't give a toss about the Kufar!

Hundreds of Thousands of extra freeloaders - that will really help the economy, social cohesion and the unemployed! It is time to resurrect the spirit of Madame Guillotine, and deal with the scum who are wrecking Europe, once and for all.

Bluepanic said...

More rewards

Qatar plans 10-bln-euro investment in France


Anonymous said...

I've become rather laconic over the last decade + some more years but I am nearly..nearly overjoyed at this comment:

Katarina Sri
08/11/2012 at 5:01 am

"The genocidal supremacist, racist and sexist Arabic-Islamic conquest of Europe/West marches on – but blame mostly the evil CORRUPTED, hypocritical and greedy Western politicians and corporations, especially from the oil and weapon industry! No wonder the Arabic Qatar (actually it’s also representing Saudi Arabia – but since most Westerners cannot stomach the Saudis, Qatar under its false guise of ‘modernity’ was able to dupe the brainless). Is it nay wonder that Qatar is buying all over Europe/US right now, with the blood money from Arabic Muslim Brotherhood-led Jihadist terrorism to commit Ethnic/Cultural/Gender Genocide towards Arabization (can be compared to Hitler’s Aryanization) of non-Arab non-Muslim/Muslim minorities/majorities, and women/girls (Muslims and non-Muslims) across OIL/LAND/MINERAL-rich non-Arab countries that have Islamic rule or Muslim population across Asia, Africa and the Mid-East, incluidng Syria right now! It’s time to stop the hypocrisy of the International Criminal Court in not convicting such War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, in times of peace or war as covered under the UN Convention!"

~~ Amen!~~

Take heed at what's occurring by those you should dare call your "leaders" for they only seek the shillings that Judas sought. I would encourage you all to sharpen the Revolutions Razer before they turn it upon you.

All the best from the West,

BayouCoyote, VIB

Anonymous said...

While it may be true that 'Where Islam spreads frredom dies' it is also an undeniable truth that secularism spreads that populations die. Thus, the great European demographic winter of the past half century that is allowing Islam to take over!

Unknown said...

where communism-socialism spreads freedom dies..

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