Thursday, 29 November 2012


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with this song, more AIDs will definitely solve Africa's problems.

Niggers and AIDS go together like peas and carrots, or milk and cookies.

Fuck niggers, they're so worthless and they blame it all on everyone else but themselves.

Anonymous said...

More like Aids for norway... ungratefull africans.
So whats new?

Anonymous said...

This is just another tactic to get europeans to accept mass immigration to their fatherlands. Even school books have more nigers and muslims than whites in them know. They get children from a young age and turn them into idiot, blind and politicaly correct liberals.

Red Rose said...

It is December 1st tomorrow, not April 1st.

That must be a First. Or is it a joke? Africa offering aid to a Western country. Just so long as they do not donate the radiators in person.

Anonymous said...

Some Australian aborigines used to eat their children when times got tough. These africans look well fed and prosperous - perhaps they could donate their children to the hungry Norwegians. Theyd taste good on waffles l bet.

Anonymous said...

you are all joking, are you not???? I think I am getting too old to understand sarcasm

Anonymous said...

No, its quite true about the aborigines, but its kept hidden - no one will talk about it. In Queensland they went for the Chinese, they preferred them over other breeds. They would pop a Chinese up in a tree for a day or two - apparently that would improve the flavour.
On a more contemporary note human sacrifice is still practised in India and parts of Africa. Reports of human sacrifice in the non White countries are usually suppressed but do sometimes make it through to the mainstream media, as was recently the case - a young girl was killed in India to appease some useless harvest god or goddess. You think you know what youre getting when you welcome third worlders into your Western country but unfortunately you are wrong about that. We always look out of our Western, conditioned eyes and imagine the whole world is like us but it isnt true. In fact to imagine non Whites are like us is a high order conceipt, and proves how dumb we really are.

Anonymous said...

You Fascists might actually do better persuading people to follow your opinions if you used a verified fact from time to time.
You might actually do well if you didn't make up complete bullshit all the time.

Get over yourselves you're becoming boring and repetitive.

Diversity Macht Frei


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