Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Candidates in the Miss Belgium competition traditionally spend a week abroad. This year, the chosen destination was Morocco. Here they are posing in front of the King Hasan II mosque, supposedly the second largest in the world after the one in Mecca.

"This behaviour could provoke discord and instability. It is an attack on places of worship", said the conservative newspaper Attajdid. In the columns of this daily newspaper connected to the Islamist party in power in Morocco, a lawyer also waxed indignant: "Who authorised these young girls to pose in this manner in front of the mosque?" An inquest must be opened by the the Moroccan Interior Ministry.


Anonymous said...

Witch hunt on
- youths astray who have nothing to hide

OT, CZ, but interesting enough as an observation nevertheless.

The Profit's Oummah (Al Qaeda Norway) at their press conference on Tuesday, claim they are victims of a witch hunt, saying they have nothing to hide

At the same time their leader is indicted over irregularities involving 1,5 mio USD

- Young souls astray
Norwegian police is, however, launching actions against what they see as a growing activity among Norwegian citizens, fighting youth jihad with
- dialogue with parents and imams
- involving "authorities who can help guide them" away from these (jihad) interests

The police officer does, however, point out that at times these young men's interests seem to have very little to do with religion.

These boys are males rapidly reaching their thirties. The leader is 27.

Here, Bhatti, posing with his AK47, among "children and holy warriors".

Anonymous said...

On the same link, Bhatti is seen posing as a Norwegian in court in 2008, knitted sweater and all, healthy orange in left hand. - A Jaffa..!?

Anonymous said...

Profit's Ummah
At the same time their leader is indicted over irregularities involving 5 mio NOK
870 000 USD
660 000 EUR


So it is an outrage for these women to pose outside a mosque,but laudable for muslims to conduct a prayer meeting in the grounds of westminster abbey?It must be a dillema for the wogs wether to go on the rampage ,or simply concentrate upon thier erections.

Anonymous said...

They dont like woman without a mustache wrapped in a tent... so whats new?

Anonymous said...

Rachida Dati

"Former French foreign minister Dati warned she'll be jailed if she returns to Morocco for having a child out of wedlock"

Formal uncertainty about the daughter's father

Anonymous said...

Formal uncertainty about the identity of the daughter's father

Who is three year old Zohra's father?

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