Friday, 23 November 2012

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Maria José said...

Police intervene after rioting at migrant detention centre

The incident occurred at Komotini, 820 kilometres (510 miles) northeast of Athens, where about 550 suspected illegal immigrants — mostly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and facing deportation — are being held.

Anonymous said...

UKIP couple have foster children removed from care The couple have been approved foster parents for seven years Continue reading the main story
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Foster home moves 'lack warning'
Boy who lived at 35 addresses

A couple have had three foster children removed from their care because they belong to the UK Independence Party.

Rotherham Borough Council said the children were "not indigenous white British" and that it had concerns about UKIP's stance on immigration.

It said it had to consider the "needs of the children longer term".

The unnamed couple told the Daily Telegraph social workers had accused them of belonging to a "racist party". UKIP said it was an appalling decision.

Paris Claims

Columnist said...

Someone should watch the Antifa. And increase the heat on REAL Nazis.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

lefties are the scum of Europe we should give them their own country to ruin and live amongst. They are the real enemy.

Lord Crusader said...

Cheradenine Zakalwe, can you please do something on muslim demography in Europe as many sources give different figures. For example: some say france has 50 years others 30

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