Thursday, 8 November 2012

There are proposals to build a "Centre for Islam in Europe" in Munich. The project is being financed by Qatar and the imams involved in it have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favour of it, but the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit is a lone voice campaigning against it. Here, some of its activists collect signatures as part of the campaign.

As you see in the video, they are regularly confronted with aggressive political opponents, whether Muslims or leftists. In this case, the Muslims attempt to steal one of their signs and even their camera. They make threatening gestures and aggressive movements. Only the police keep them back. They also shower the campaigners with insults, calling them "Zionists", "Jews" and "Sons of whores". When one of the campaigners responds to the antisemitic slurs by telling the Muslims that they are the new Nazis, he is incredulous. No, the anti-Islam campaigners are the Nazis, he says. It shows the bizarre mindset of Muslims that they can deploy both antisemitic and Nazi slurs in the same breath.

Source: PI


Columnist said...

Well, if you can be Nazi and a Jew, something can be haram and halal at the same time. Threaten them with eternal damnation to get some sense in their heads. Chant: "God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost; Allah the Sunni, Allah the Shi'a; Hell is eternal!!!"

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