Monday, 5 November 2012

The French Maison des Ecrivains et de la littérature [House of writers and literature] website was hacked last Friday by a bunch of Moroccans calling themselves the Moroccan Hunters. This was to protest against insults to Mohammed and teach us "the real message of Islam".



Columnist said...

A Muslim Anonymous. Why do only Leftists and Muslims have hackers, or are there hackers that attack Leftist and Muslim sites? A good way to prevent hacking is to point out hacking has consequences.

Anonymous said...

Islamic leader calls for ban on unveiled women, music and concerts, alcohol, gambling..

Maria José said...

Cae una red de MARROQUÍES por DENUNCIAS FALSAS de VIOLENCIA DE GÉNERO para conseguir la residencia y COBRAR AYUDAS

Contactaba con marroquíes para simular ser pareja y agresor de la mujer para obtener así la regularización y, además, iniciar la tramitación de una ayuda de 400 euros.

Con la promesa de que cuando la mujer marroquí consiguiera su residencia legal en España retiraría la denuncia y la causa se archivaría, quedando sin antecedes por dichos delitos.

A los jóvenes marroquíes les ofrecían entre 2.000 y 4.000 euros por sus servicios.

La investigación se inició después del verano, al detectarse un aumento significativo de denuncias por violencia de género entre ciudadanos marroquíes.

En los casos investigados hasta el momento estas ayudas eran concedidas en el plazo de un mes.

Jake-a-runi said...

The ignorant disbelievers may mistake it for a simple endless crime wave, but it’s not. It’s like a divine mafia. They follow the example of their capo the messenger. They refer to a book of instructions which spells out required behavior. The instructions came straight from the great don himself. We know this because the capo said so. So, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Since I have been born i have never seen this kind of useless religion in my life.Your are believing a stupid man 'Mohammed' who married his only adopted son's wife.And you call this kind of Idiot a prophet.You people (Muslims) should be ashamed.The blood of innocent people you people have shed will always hunt you Muslims.You people can never have peace in this world.

Anonymous said...

As a non-muslim, i don't care about alcohol, gambling, 'sexual freedom' and so on, and i think those vices should be banned, but, the thing that offends and infuriates me is seeing a bunch of lunatic, bellicose/hostile, murderer, bigot... and criminal worshipers of satan, also known as muslims, trying to lecture us, non-muslims, about their 'righteousness', their 'love' for'peace' and blah, blah, blah...and how we, non-muslims, are the violent ones that 'disturb' world peace and enrage the self-proclaimed 'peaceful' muslims while telling us the havoc, death and misery they are causing in all corners of this planet is equal to those 'virtues'.

Oh yeah...muslims don't insult other religions and their followers....don't you have a little bit of shame, muslim hypocrites? do you think some of us are fools who can be deceived after seeing the atrocities you are committing?. But remember, all the bible burnings, the vandalizing of non-muslim temples, killing and prosecution of non-muslim believers.... are not (don't count as) disrespectful behavior in their putrid/rotten minds. What a preposterous people.

To hell with muslims and islam, do a favor to mankind and disappear. The peace will reign when you, muslims, and socialist, who are the source of instability, are gone.

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