Sunday, 25 November 2012

I've often said that the defining dynamic of our age is bureaucracy vs. democracy. The Europeans who support the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of European societies do so, not because they have any great knowledge of or respect for Islam, but because they believe in following rules, the rules of human rights which say that "all people have a right to practise their religion". They are not defending the Islamic religion. They are defending their own: the Religion of Equality.

The ultimate expression of bureaucracy's triumph over democracy was the appointment of the Mario Monti regime in Italy. Ushered it on an emergency basis to tackle economic problems, it immediately began pursuing the non-economic parts of the standard bureaucratic agenda: anti-European, pro-foreigner, pro-Islam, anti-free speech. Votes for foreigners was an immediate priority, as it is for the left elsewhere in Europe. So, too, was the persecution of thought criminals.

In July this year, Andrea Riccardi, Minister for International Cooperation and Integration, announced a plan to "block racist sites and also pursue the non-occasional visitors to these shameful sites".

Last year, the Italian section of the Stormfront website published a list of Italians who "favoured the non-indigenes and derived economic profit from it." Riccardi's name appeared on the list.

It's no great surprise, then, that Stormfront was chosen as a priority target. As it is based in the US, where it is protected by free speech laws, this was not a simple matter.

"A surgical operation was necessary, conducted by the Postal Police and the antiterrorist services", to "give a name and a face to the xenophobic hands that write the messages on the forum".

One person, Daniele Scarpino,a 24-year-old from Milan, was identified and placed under surveillance. This allowed three others involved in the forum to be identified. All four have now been arrested and charged with "spreading racist ideologies and support, including economic support, for the activities of a criminal organisation". Other forum users have been identified and may face prosecution too. The Stormfront website has been blocked in Italy.

If you are part of the Counterjihad movement, you may see some great distinction between yourself and the Stormfronters, dismissing them as a bunch of KKK fanboys. But how confident are you that the regimes of the bureaucrats will appreciate this distinction? To them, there is no substantial difference between old-skool "racists" and new-skool "Islamophobes". Once you allow governments to send people to prison for expressing unapproved thoughts, the scope of what is defined as "unapproved" will continually increase in a way consonant with the interests of the ruling elite.

Source: Novopress


Anonymous said...

stormfront kkk fanboys? That site has done more for white ppl then most western governments in the last 50 years.

Might find some extreme vieuws there, but stil moderate compared to most islamic and Jewish scripts.

Shows once more that u only have free speech when u are a liberal, gay or religious fanatic... disgusting!

alas said...

To be honest if there are any government overseers on this blog to look over, I find it hard to see how they could not have been won round to our cause after a week of reviewing it. They should by now have seen they are working for governments which are committing genocide.

Anonymous said...

Anders, great stuff as usual and huge respect for keeping going.

Just don't go down the Stormfront route. Your blog is a great resource for those of us who see quite clearly the danger of Islam but have to constantly battle against charges of racism.

John Pierre.

Anonymous said...

"Just don't go down the Stormfront route. Your blog is a great resource for those of us who see quite clearly the danger of Islam but have to constantly battle against charges of racism."

That u cant avoid these days, but point taken.
Now u only have to battle the "islamophobia" labeling. Although SF has some good alternative news from time to time, its not something u want to be associated with. Taking pride in your heritage isnt wsocialy acceptable in most parts of the western world. Unless u aim to destroy it.....

Anonymous said...

Just because this blog is under the radar - unlike Stormfront - does not mean you cannot be tracked down and arrested for what you have written here.

Whether you associate with a physical White group, internet group or you are a lone wolf, those left wing jew sympathizer White traitors are out to get all of us.

This charge of "spreading racist ideologies and support, including economic support, for the activities of a criminal organisation" has a huge scope that could catch a lot of innocent people.

On the brighter side - at least they can't lock all of us up.......

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not the only problem. Africans are also a serious problem even if they are christians or muslims. Why? Because they have very low iq (compared to Europeans and North east Asians) and they have very high crime rates. Its genetic. Geneticist james Watson also said that human races evolved differently and have on average different levels of intelligence. Next 50 years will be very bad for human civilisation. Africans (christians and muslims) will become 30% of world population and muslims will become 40%.

Columnist said...

Or we could promote Afrocentrism-lite. Think of what Salafists are doing to the heritage of Kemet (blowing up pyramids etc.). If the Counter-Jihad wants to be credibly opposed to Stormfront, it is necessary to use physical violence against its adherents, so Jews no longer have to depend on the Antifa for their physical protection.

Anonymous said...

Columnist u talk shit, u are jewcentric. Antifa protect muslims not jews. plz go read a book or 2.

European or not european thats the qeustion thats what matters. If u like israel go live there

Anonymous said...

columnist u advocate violence, makes u no better then a salafist.

Lord Crusader said...

Our prospects as white christains or non muslims look bleak. Did anybody around here read Mark Steyn's books on the islamification of europe? On mainland europe eg france, germany, spain most people under the age of 40 will live under a muslim majority. That it is eye opening find out what the muslim majority due to christains in Lebanon.

Lord Crusader said...

This is what my contry ireland is coming to

Number of migrants voting in local elections rises 44%
THERE WAS a 44 per cent increase in the number of immigrants who voted in last year’s local elections, following a campaign which encouraged more immigrants to register and vote.

The campaign, by the Africa Centre and the New Communities Partnership, aimed to encourage 10,0000 more immigrants in 10 local authority areas to get involved in the June elections. An additional 15,681 immigrants registered and voted in those 10 areas.

Lord Crusader said...

Many dead IRA men who fought for ireland would turn in there grave if they knew this. Niger, Paki ********* and their lefty pro abortion, anti catholic, pro islamification of europe ****** too. Ireland is in the early stages in islamification we have a few pakis but we are a good 40 years behind europe thankfully. And we have managed to keep abortion out.

Zimri said...

This is not about Stormfront and it is not even about "the counter jihad". It is about Italian politicians protecting their ani.

Look at what else these mafiosi have tried to pass lately. They failed in that, so now they are going for other angles.

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