Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Kiel. A nice currywurst or a few crispy Wiener sausages at mid-day – this is something more and more children at state nurseries have to do without. The reason: in many day nurseries there are children from Muslim families, and as, according to Islamic belief, pork is seen as impure, consuming it is not “halal” (allowed) and thus forbidden.

Particularly in nurseries on the east bank, where the proportion of Muslim children is especially high, bratwurst and meatballs are offered exclusively in chicken and beef versions. “Generally we don’t have pork, as we have lots of children from an immigrant background. There were attempts to incorporate pork into the menu but it provoked irritation among the parents,” confirms Regina Baumann, director of the Marienwerder Straße nursery in Kiel-Wellingdorf.

There were also objections to ribs and schnitzel on the west bank in the Goethestraße nursery. "The parents didn’t want it. Otherwise we would have had to cook extra for Muslim children,” explains director Oliver Kaiser. He estimates the proportion with an immigrant background at just ten per cent.

The Sternschnuppe nursery in Gaarden opposite the HDW shipyards is also a pork-free zone, as is the Evangelical nursery Michaelis in Hassee. Before, when the proportion of Muslim children was not as high, there were “two meals”, recalls Ulrike Krauel from the Office for Schools, Nurseries and Youth Institutions. “But because the chicken and pork sausages were of different sizes, we had problems explaining that to the children”. Then pork was axed, especially in districts like Gaarden and Mettenhof.

But the pork ban doesn’t apply just in nurseries. Now it seems the currywurst clause also plays a role when searching for rental accommodation, as ever more homes on the west bank are being taken over by Muslims. According to this newspaper’s information, an Afghan landlord close to the Sultan market in Elisabethstraße is offering homes with the condition of no pork meat.

In view of the scarcity of accommodation on the west bank, this prohibition represents a culinary challenge especially for students looking for accommodation. The problem: while not a few Kiel politicians in the Muslim dominated district of Gaarden would have nothing against a certain gentrification, the new property owners themselves, through clauses such as this, are acting to prevent a mixing of the population structure.

Until now the so-called Islam clause has provoked controversy mainly in the rental of commercial property across Germany; now Muslim landlords are seeking to assert it even in homes in Gaarden. But in contrast to commercial rentals, this rule is not legitimate, as Jochen Kiersch from the Kieler Tenant’s Association confirms: "That is not permitted and renders a rental contract invalid."
Source: SHZ.de Via: PI


alas said...

Muslim landlords are making their tenants not eat pork? Did I read that right?

Thom Jefferson said...

Muslim landlords are seeking to assert it even in homes in Gaarden. But in contrast to commercial rentals, this rule is not legitimate, as Jochen Kiersch from the Kieler Tenant’s Association confirms: "That is not permitted and renders a rental contract invalid."

What it really means is that anyone renting has no security of tenancy. If you are a non-Muslim German say and the Muslim landlord wants you out to move in another Muslim you have no protection legally.

1.The Muslim landlord can just claim in court that he saw you eat pork in violation of the agreement.

2. If and when it goes to any legal mediation the clause will not be valid in law making the whole agreement null and void

3. Muslim landlord can evict you from your home even though you have paid the rent and should by law have security of tenancy.

This is how the lawfare game is played. Muslim wins as he has manipulated your laws.

Anonymous said...

zog has turned the whites into self haters, its much easier to get rid of the whites once youve destroyed their identity.
A casual glance at the western countries in 2012 will confirm that zogs plan is coming along nicely. by the time the whites wake up it will be too late. the white genocide is reaching into every corner of the West.

Anonymous said...

who is zog? not being funny. i really don't know. sounds familiar but can not place.

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

In the UK, all - yes all - schools serve halal food as standard; even those with no muslim children at all. the reason? Apparently, as their are no restrictions on what indigenous Europeans can eat, it is only 'fair' that our children eat halal, so that immigrant children don't feel discriminated against!! So, a Nation of Animal lovers now has to put up with ritual slaughter so that the Muslims - and Jews - don't have to eat different food to the rest of us! Send them all back to Asia. Defend our lands, our people and our animals. No to Halal and Kosher; no to the people who indulge in this evil.

Anonymous said...

Be more flexible, folks - go vegetarian and demand that no meat be served to school children, period. Then listen to the muslims squeel like stuck pigs.

wheatington said...

Serve pork everywhere. Muslims must be taught to mind their manners.

Captain Dan said...

Well, there you go. it is evident that somebody is behind this forced cultural suicide. Somebody is behind the mass immigration of Muslims into western countries. This aint just happening for nothing.

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