Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Daily Mail recently published a story highlighting a map of racist tweets that had been made following Hussein's re-election.

For some reason, though, the Daily Mail has not seen it to cover the "Fuck White People" trend on Twitter that developed at the same time.

As I've observed before, people are inevitably drawn to differentially empathise with others based on their genetic similarity to one another. This is a core human instinct and there is no evidence that it has ever been overcome on a significant scale, or ever can be; nor that anyone has even attempted it, other than Europeans, enthralled by their own warped moral ideals. Airy visions of post-racial utopias inevitably dissolve into battlezones where warring ethnic factions compete for spoils and dominance.


Maria José said...

Mallorca - MÁXIMA TENSIÓN tras la VIOLACIÓN de una chica por parte de dos MARROQUÍES

La violación de una adolescente de quince años de edad por parte de dos menores marroquíes ha convertido sa Pobla en un polvorín

Bluepanic said...

The slow death of white America: How will the great melting pot adapt to the millions of black and Hispanic voters who swept Obama back to power


Bluepanic said...

Also has a good post on this

King Lear said...

The tipping point appears to have been reached in the USA. White Americans have lost their country. How long until Europe goes the same way?

Anonymous said...

Its time for the whites to unite, if we unite we can easily deal with our problems

Marlene Wilkins said...

Alright...I've had it, and if THIS is the payday for all the tolerance and race-blindness and such, then I can play by those rules too.
Yes, I'm Caucasian, also female...and I'm digging my heels and getting prepped to 'push back' like an angry D-9 Cat earthmover against all the anti-female and anti-caucasian trash going on in the world.

We've allowed ourselves to be demonized and demoralized to the point where OUR nations are being overrun with useless slagwitted muzzies and 'gangstas'.
They can burn, all of them, it's time we took some lessons from Chinese and Japanese culture and found our Dignity and pride again culturally and individually.
To the 7 Hells with PolCorr, Leftism, islam, shariah and gangsta-culture.
I'm Caucasia, and Bloody Proud of it!!
Anyone who doesn't like that statement--go and whinge-off to your PolCorr pals--and remember to also tell them;
Things Are Going To Change.

Thom Jefferson said...

King Lear said...
The tipping point appears to have been reached in the USA. White Americans have lost their country. How long until Europe goes the same way?

The tipping point is already in London, the only thing keeping anything coming in is the bankers and shady bond dealers. The London riots last year should have been a huge wake up call. Instead the BBC and other media outlets tried to make it look like a "multicultural" misunderstanding involving the neglected of society. They actually tried to make hard working people feel guilty for their plight.

Anonymous said...

The decline started in the 1960's when USA changed its immigration policy and started to accept non whites. At first, american officials said that the annual immigration rate would be 50,000 and that the policy changed was necessary in order to attract Italians and Greeks which previous immigration laws of the 1920's limited their numbers. Unfortunately, the annual immigration levels became 1,000,000 (of which 90% non-white). The USA government stopped the guest worker program with Mexico which caused high levels of illegal immigration from Mexico and in the 1980's all a illegal immigrants were legalised. The high birth rate of mexicans changed the demographics. Same thing for Canada and Australia...

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