Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A couple of days ago I wrote about the potential civil war with France's mainstream right-wing party. To recap briefly, the favourite Fillon lost the race to the outsider Copé who emphasised issues related to the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of France and wrote a book talking about an "unabashed Right". Allegations of vote fraud from both sides dogged the election. In the end, Copé seemed to have edged it by a very narrow margin. Now, however, Fillon is claiming victory on the strength of votes coming in from France's overseas territories, which are considered part of France. These Dom-Toms, as they are called, are, of course, overwhelmingly inhabited by non-Europeans, including places like Mayotte, which is overwhelmingly Muslim. Unsurprisingly the brown horde favours the candidate most congenial to its interests.

Fillon has demanded the appointment of a third person as interim party leader and threatened to split the party if the demand is not granted.


Anonymous said...

Time is running out. As the number of minorities with voting rights increases, the Socialists are becoming more stronger because almost all non whites vote for pro-immigration Socialist/labour parties. In america 90% of third worlders and blacks vote for Democrats. In UK most immigrants vote for Labour which opened the gates to mass immigration. I believe America, Canada, UK, France are lost. In 20 years these countries will majority non white. The same for Norway, Sweden

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