Friday, 2 November 2012

The Identitarian movement is spreading. It now has affiliates in Germany and Austria. Here you see some of them interrupting the multicultists at Intercultural Week in Frankfurt.


Anonymous said...

Frankfurt is a good place to do this seeing the Frankfurt school is there.
The Frankfurt school is the main reason for all this mess.

Maria José said...

Detenidos dos menores MARROQUÍES por la violación de una niña española

Anonymous said...

nice to see "anonymous" growing up and stop being posturing little left-wing mongoloid spokesmen.

Columnist said...

They use the same masks (using masks is a good idea), but they are likely not the same people.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent news. I had just about given up on the Europeans.

Nordlys said...

They aren't 'Anonymus'
It's another group and I'm glad to support GI

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