Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thanks to the clever mosque occupation stunt a few weeks ago, Génération Identitaire has been given extensive coverage in the French media recently. Prominent in the coverage has been the intelligent and articulate Damien Rieu, one of the group's spokesmen.

Until a few days ago, he was working as a trainee at a publishing house in Lyon, responsible for communications. He has now been dismissed from this position as a result of his political activism.


A few days ago a documentary about Sharia4Belgium aired on Belgian television. In it the movement's spokesman Fouad Belkacem declared that they didn't feel an "ounce of respect" for non-Muslim Belgians. "We have our religion: superior to yours. We have our system: superior to your system. We have our values: superior to yours."

In response to this, Stéphanie Gilson, a student at the IPES college in Verviers, wrote on her Facebook page: "Superior to us? Excuse me? LOL and a big LOL". She also wrote that in her class at college there were two girls who said the same type of things and it scared her.

The following day the two girls mentioned, who had obviously read her Facebook page, attacked her in the college, throwing a bench and chairs at her face. All three girls were suspended from the college for one day, the management telling her that she had no right to express opinions about Muslims on her Facebook page. Refusing to accept this, Stéphanie quit the college and filed a complaint with the police. "I am the victim, and all I did was give my opinion."


Last week Jörg Uckermann, deputy leader of the anti-Islam party Pro-Köln, was arrested in Cologne. He is suspected of claiming payment for political party meetings that did not, in fact, take place. This follows the raids on the party premises that took place two weeks ago. (See here).

His family has issued a statement complaining about massively biased reporting in the locally-dominant Dumont press. They claim that the Dumont press is working with the police and political establishment to smear Uckermann, while they themselves have been denied information about what is happening to him. They have not been allowed to visit him and he is not being allowed access to the medications on which he is dependent. The family has set up a Facebook page to campaign for his release.

Uckermann was responsible for organising the anti-Islam cartoon contest earlier in the year, which so panicked the German government and resulted in a horde of Muslims attacking the German embassy in Sudan.

Sources: PI, PI


Maria José said...


Un árbol de navidad divide a cristianos y musulmanes.

La junta local de un barrio de mayoría musulmana de Kokkedal rechazó utilizar fondos públicos para la compra del tradicional árbol

“No es una cuestión de dinero, sino de principios. Creo que es ridículo, que siendo un musulmán tenga que organizar una fiesta cristiana. Nunca he festejado la Navidad y no quiero hacerlo ahora”, dijo el miembro de la junta, Ismail Mestazi.

La decisión provocó escándalo e indignación entre los residentes y políticos daneses ya que hace unas semanas las autoridades gastaron 10.000 dólares en la musulmana Fiesta del Cordero…

Maria José said...


An MP has criticised a housing association's Muslim-majority board for paying 60,000 kroner for an Eid party, but not 7,000 kroner for a Christmas tree

“I think it’s deeply troubling that our integration efforts have failed so badly that Danish traditions are removed and replaced by Muslim traditions the moment there is a Muslim majority”

He added that he fears there are people that want to transform Denmark into a Muslim country

Hard feelings remain in the town of Kokkedal after a residents’ association voted not to pay for Christmas festivities

A number of national lawmakers immediately jumped into the fray, accusing those voting against the tree of “trying to kill Christmas”

“Every year we hear more and more about schools and institutions that downplay Christmas to protect the rights of a Muslim minority.”

Maria José said...

Sweden Democrats more popular than ever: poll

The Sweden Democrats’ results are twice as high as when the party came into the Riksdag in 2010, with Åkesson explaining that the public has had the time to get used to the far-right political party.

Maria José said...


Moroccan Muslim Slits the Throats of His Two Children to Punish His Wife

A stormy relationship come to an end now. He apparently could not stand the habits of his wife, including the fact that she had decided not to wear her veil in the tradition of women in their country. This is the scenario in which you acquired the tragedy in the province of Perugia.

The Victims were the couple’s two children, Ahmed, 8, and his sister Jiahane of 12 years. The father Mustafa Hajjaji, a Moroccan of 44 years of age, murdered them by sliting their throats with a knife.

Maria José said...


Hard-left militants attack National Front

Five extreme left-wing militants were held for questioning on Sunday after three members of the right-wing National Front were allegedly attacked and injured in Saint Etienne, capital of the Loire region.

Vlad Tepesblog said...

By marginalizing and demonizing genuine moderates and classical liberals such as these, people who in fact are fighting for the most liberal traditions the world has known, these governments are going to end up with Golden Dawn style movements.

This is obvious and inevitable. It stuns me that governments will not understand this and instead, seemingly work for the orderly transition to some kind of communist, Islamic state and the destruction of all Western values and even history.

Columnist said...

"He has now been dismissed from this position as a result of his political activism."

So he will need welfare. Vladtepesblog is right. Radicalization will inevitably result. One form of radicalization is to point out muslims will burn in Hell, as Islam destroys itself in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Mr Vlad the biggest difference between the political parties you describe as "genuine moderates and classical liberals" and the Golden Dawn is one of approach. The Golden Dawn are prepared to get physical with their opponents, the other so called extreme right wing European parties are usually the ones on the receiving end of the physical attacks/beatings as the many and continuing reports in this blog attest. Do you honestly believe its better to allow oneself to be beaten up/hospitalised rather than fight back? Your insipid and fey approach is hastening the extinction of White Europeans. Thats whats really going on here despite what most of the so called defenders of Western civilisation would have us believe - those that rule over us have decided to get rid of the Whites. If youre White and or Christian your days are numbered. Despite all the well meaning and often deceitful rationalisations emanating from the so called rightwingers about whats going on the undeniable and irrefutable cold reality is ever decreasing numbers of Whites and ever increasing numbers of non - Whites in what used to be 100% White countries. Do you imagine this is an accident?
Who are the people that rule over us? Who are the people who have decided the Whites must be got rid of?

Anonymous said...

My dear European brothers and sisters!! God Bless you in your fight for justice. Islam IS what it IS......May GOD BLESS You ALL.

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