Monday, 19 November 2012

The leadership contest with France's mainstream right-wing party has taken an interesting turn. Both candidates provisionally proclaimed themselves victors based on a very narrow difference in the number of votes and allegations of fraud from both sides. It looks as though Jean-François Copé has now emerged as the declared winner, however. His opponent, François Fillon, started as favourite. He would have taken the UMP back to the same-old mainstream agenda. Copé, on the the hand, has flirted with the rhetoric of the "far right", speaking of anti-white racism and children not allowed to eat chocolate pastries during Ramadan by their Muslim classmates. If he has emerged victorious, it will represent a step towards the future integration of the mainstream right and the "far right", which I have called the Great Realignment and which I believe to be inevitable. During the election contest, there were clear signs that the UMP delegates were becoming increasingly concerned about the islamisation of the country, with comments like:
"In 10 or 20 years, if it continues like this, our grandchildren will be speaking Arabic at school."

Copé's victory is testament to the growing strength of concern about France's descent into Islamic darkness. If Fillon refuses to accept defeat gracefully, however, or if Copé's radical agenda alienates some within the party (the UMP is actually an umbrella grouping of micro-parties and factions), it's possible the UMP itself will implode. This will leave the French mainstream right shattered and divided, opening up the possibility of some of its broken shards either joining the Front National or forming some kind of alliance with it.

UPDATE: Charlie Hebdo's cover this week makes the same point more concisely.

Jean-François Copé has been declared the new leader of the opposition Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party after a contested weekend vote that was plagued by allegations of fraud on both sides.
By FRANCE 24 (text)

Jean-François Copé has been declared the new leader of the opposition Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) by the party’s internal electoral body after a contested weekend vote that was plagued by allegations of fraud on both sides.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right opposition UMP voted for its next leader in a Sunday poll that pitted former prime minister François Fillon against the UMP’s Secretary General Copé in a campaign that split the party and sparked widespread derision.

Both camps claimed “irregularities” in some voting offices -- where there were more votes were counted than registered voters -- and said they would contest the result.

Fillon, who was widely predicted to win, was furious on Monday morning. His supporters claimed he had won by 244 votes after some 150,000 UMP members had cast their ballot. Copé, in turn, claimed he had won by more than 1,000 votes, all before any official announcement.

Copé, meanwhile, was always confident of victory: “The UMP’s membership has accorded me a majority of their votes and therefore has elected me as the president of the party.”

The vote comes six months after former UMP leader and president Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by Socialist François Hollande.

Copé now faces the difficult task of re-uniting a party deeply divided in an election battle that has drawn widespread derision and delighted the party’s opponents, especially the far-right National Front (FN), which is determined to overtake the UMP as the main voice of France's conservative opposition.

“It is obvious that whoever is elected president of the UMP will have no legitimacy whatsoever, given that he will be in charge of a party broken in two,” FN deputy-leader Florian Philipott has said.

Both Fillon, 58, and Copé, 10 years his junior, were seen as advocates of free market policies and economic reform. But they differ on social issues -- Copé shares Sarkozy's approach on tighter immigration policies and a strong-armed, populist agenda on Muslim integration. Last month he published “A Manifesto for an Uninhibited Right”, in which he lambasted a culture of “anti-white racism” within immigrant communities in impoverished urban areas.
Source: France24


alas said...

For those who say Jews are multiculturalists, take a look at Mr Cope, who is of Jewish origin. It is good to see they are not afraid of speaking out against Islamification of Europe, because they are one of the most likely to suffer first. Hopefully in the future more will join the right-wing side.

Lord Crusader said...

The Jews are not multiculturists that is the evil statanic atheist elite who rule the world. Who said they are jews? Muslims hate jews, Muslims hate us Christains the enemy of our enemy is our ally.
I am pro Israel.

King Lear said...

Good. The sooner the UMP collapses and lets the FN deal with the situation in France the better.
I just wish the UK had a nationalist party more appealing than the rabid neo-Thatcherites of UKIP.

daithikent said...

I hope there is a 'Great Realignment' spoken of. I am not pro Israel and hope the Jews can find a way to live/be at peace in these 'shared' ancient lands.

Thom Jefferson said...

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Hart-Celler Act) was written and pushed through by Jewish parties. Ted Kennedy was the the young Senator that championed it and gave it enough gravitas to pass.

In England immigration reform and 2 race relations acts were pushed through by Jewish community leaders. Facts...

Anonymous said...

There is only one winner when christian and muslims get in a fight, that are the so called chosen ones.

Thats whe whole motivation behind immigration, so the european wil do their dirty work.

Both need to be evicted from our lands, anything else is disciminating.

Their is no such thing as pro israel or palestinian. U should be pro europe, anything else is just being a traitor

Anonymous said...

No worries lord crussader - with guys like you on our team we are doomed. Jews control the mass media. Jews are the main drivers of the multiculture/third world invasion. Many jews have stated on the public record that it is to be desired that the white countries be fragmented and the whites grip on power be loosened - so as to prevent another holocaust. Jews, even my liberal/socialist jewish friends are all of them encouraged to marry in the jew circle - even those who claim to be the most progressive and this includes hardcore human rights activists who incessantly preach at the whites in my country marry in the jew circle - TO A MAN. Whites on the other hand are encouraged to mix it up racially. There is a plan and the plan involves the decimation of the white race, more or less. Its a good plan - if youre not a white. Crussader is obviously a non white pretending to be a staunch defender of western civilisation and c hristianity. Humbug. Btw crussader there is no such thing as judeo/christianity. Countless rabbis will laugh at you if you go parroting on about judeo christianity and how close the christians are to the israelites bla bla b la. These jews murdered jesus and now all of a sudden thats okay and everything is hunky dory as we all joyously embrace and sit dignified and composed - watching white christians disappear down the plug hole of history, super just super. Go get yourself an uncensored copy of the talmud and read what it says about c hristians lol

Anonymous said...


Amen brother, good to see that not al here have dung in their eyes..

Thom Jefferson said...

Multicultural Jews in action in Israel:

Need anything more be said?

Thom Jefferson said...

Oh, I did forget to say something, they were not African Muslims. The deported were African Christians fleeing Sudan from Muslim death squads.

Can any body say "Human Rights" and "Refugees in danger".

Anonymous said...

In Greece the Socialist party ruled for 30 years getting 40%-45% of the votes. It opened the gates to mass third world immigration and tried to gave voting rights to Muslim illegal immigrants. The socialists were too corrupt and the economy collapsed and immigrant crime skyrocketed so the once dominant Socialist party now gets 4% at the polls. A fraction of the ex socialist voters turned to the even more multiculti pro islamic leftist SYRIZA party which gets 20% at the polls. The other mainstream conservative party is at 20% and the Nationalist golden dawn is at 15%. So radical change is still possible in times of change, economic crisis and mass immigration.

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