Thursday, 1 November 2012

As usual, we get a bowdlerised, politically correct account from The Local.
Berlin police are hunting the boyfriend of a woman who was found tied to a chair in the family home with serious mutilations to her face and chest.

A man walking down the street in the Sch√∂neberg district of the city on Tuesday afternoon heard cries for help, Berlin’s state prosecutor told The Local.

“She had managed to drag herself to the window and was calling for help despite being tied to a chair, gagged and having suffered terrible mutilating injuries,” said Martin Steltner, the prosecutor’s spokesman.

Her ten-year-old daughter had also been tied to a chair and gagged but was physically unharmed.

“It would seem we are dealing with a crime of jealousy. It’s horrific.”

Steltner said the 36-year-old woman was a refugee from Iran. “It’s a terrible situation, terrible,” he said. Her boyfriend had Dutch citizenship but was originally from Iraq, he said.

“He is on the run,” he added, confirming the 45-year-old was the main suspect in the case. The woman's husband, who does not live in Berlin, is not a suspect.

She was taken to hospital, and is said to be out of danger. Her daughter suffered severe shock and was placed in the care of city authorities.

One neighbour is said to have heard a woman screaming.

“I saw how medics carried a woman covered in blood into an ambulance,” she told the Tagesspiegel. The woman and her daughter were said to have only recently moved into the building.
Source: The Local

We have to turn to the Berlin Kurier to find out that the perp was called Omid M. and that he tortured the woman, his girlfriend, because she wanted to leave him.

For hours her lover, in an ice cold manner, is said to have abused her with a knife. Her face and hands were slashed, nose and breasts cut off, her abdomen brutally mutilated.


daithikent said...

You have to wonder why she wanted to leave such a wonderful chap! More than jealously surely, it's in the psyche of such cowards.

Anonymous said...

I would not be averse to a sentence of life imprisonment or even death by hanging for crimes such as these- and the acid attacks- these barbarians employ just because they have been jilted.

Walter Sieruk said...

Many times the Islamic clerics make the claim the Islam incites men to respect the rights of women. The reality of the truth is that actions speak louder then words. As seen in this article as well as in many other times the actions of male Muslims are very cruel and heinous towards girls and women. So the truth is that Islam is a religion of misogyny. Furthermore, the many other claims by the apologists for Islam about how good and true this religion is are likewise claims that are nothing but falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

It's this "kulturelle Bereicherung" the greens and reds are going on about.

Anonymous said...

Having escaped an Islamic country why did she shack up with a Muslim?

Anonymous said...

Why just one? Islam teaches communal punishment. Punish all Muslims for this crime. Do you not see how the Muslims treat the Copts in Egypt, etc?

surj said...

Walter.., "Many times the islamic clerics make the claim that islam incites men to respect the rights of women. " U R right,they tell that so we the infidel would think islam is good towards their women,but the reality is far from it. Quran Surs 4:34 "Men have authority over women because allah has made the one superior to the others,and because they spend their wealth to maintain them.Good women are obedient.They guard their unseen [parts] because allah has guarded them.As for those from whom you fear disobedience,admonish them and send them to beds apart and BEAT them.Then if they obey you ,take no further action against them.allah is high ,supreme " Also Sura 2:223 speaks of women as being ' tilth/fields. I suggest you google the meaning of the word ''al-taqiyya'' you can do search on wikipedia. Islam is an evil cult.

Anonymous said...

Terrible! But there is something not quite clear. How did this woman have a husband and a boyfriend at the same time? Where is her husband??

Anonymous said...

WTF!?!? I don't know how I stumbled onto this site but I'm absolutely disgusted at some of the posts and comments here. How does this prove anything against Islam? Sure this guy committed a horrible crime, but because he's a psycho, not because he's a muslim. I don't see a single line of proof that shows he did this because of his religion or any indication that he would have acted differently if he was a christian or atheist or whatever religion you guys support. I don't even understand why the fact he was muslim was even mentioned in the first place. There are tons of other people who commit horrendous crimes that aren't muslim. Does that mean their religions are bad? You guys are pathetic, drawing conclusions first, then selectively showing articles which are told out of context to support your views. Idiots, try using an ounce of logic for once.

Anonymous said...

(addition to previous post)
and on top of that, you guys are completely ignorant of the fact that this guy is not religious because muslims are not supposed to date in the first place

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you should remain so because you should be ashamed of your lack of knowledge. Simply look up "women's nose cut off." You will see plenty of sites about Muslim men cutting off noses, ears, breasts, tongues, and even cutting out eyes. The cutters are virtually all Muslims. If it is not due to the Muslim religion, then it is the culture. Does it matter which it is as the two go hand in hand?
I once told a Muslim cab driver that I could not respect his religion, for the simple fact it allows the men to disrespect women. He said they respect their women better than do American men. I told him of the mutilations. His response was, "We treat our women with respect if they behave themselves."

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